Saturday, January 24, 2009

We're Freezing Again In Texas

That's the view from Miss Puerto Rico's balcony late Friday afternoon. It was an 80 degree day. Very pleasant. I had the windows open and was tempted, at one point, to close the windows and turn on the air conditioner.

I was almost back believing in Global Warming again.

But then this morning we are back in a deep freeze, as in it is only 30 out there at 10 in the morning. Brrr. The furnace is back on.

I was not successful in getting a new camera at the Arlington Costco yesterday. I'm able to temporarily revive my current camera out of its drop-induced coma to take a picture or two, like the one from Miss PR's balcony. And then it dies again.

I think I'll go up to the Grapevine/Southlake Costco today to see if my new camera is there. That Costco is a lot nicer than the Arlington one. It's more like one you'd find in Costco's homestate of Washington. Which makes sense due to Southlake having the D/FW Metroplex's highest percentage of transplanted Yankees, as in customers who have been in a West Coast Costco and thus have a higher quality expectation.

It's the same for the Southlake School District. The parents are used to non-Texas school standards and so they make their expectations known to the school board. And so Southlake has top-rated schools.

I read this morning that Gar the Texan has temporarily given up reading children's sci-fi type books and is instead taking someone's advice that he read some non-fiction. So, apparently Gar the Texan is now reading "Columbia History of the World." He is rushing through history, currently he's at the part in the World's History where the continents form and life begins.

Gar the Texan has a long ways to go. It's my hope that by the end of this book he will be able to talk about something other than computers, religion, Harry Potter and German beer. I hope it doesn't shock him too much when he gets to the part where he realizes his beloved Germans were bad boys long before World War's I & II.


Gar said...

Last night I was reading in this world history book which was published in 1972, that, according to data recovered from fossils, ice ages come and go and we should be on the downhill slope of one right now. I had no idea we were in an ice age.
Global warming or a cycle that's been repeating itself over and over again for the last 5 billion years?

When the American government decides to invade a middle eastern country for no reason at all, does that make all Americans bad guys? How can you categorize people as bad based on the decisions made by their rulers?

Durango said...

Yup. There was a time when my old zone in Washington was pretty much tropical. You can easily see fossils of palm tree fronds on Chuckanut Drive by where I lived. In Eastern WA there's the location of the biggest waterfall the world has ever seen, now called Dry Falls, dozens of times bigger than Niagra, from when one of the Ice Ages came to an end with a lot of ice melting. That's what formed all the cool canyons in Eastern WA. We call them Coulees, not canyons, hence Grand Coulee Dam.

You mis-comprehended what I said about the Germans. First not getting President Obama's plain speaking, and now this. I grow concerned.

I said I hoped it didn't shock you too much when you got to the part where you realize the Germans were being bad boys well before the previous century's 2 World Wars.

I didn't characterize all Germans as bad and I didn't say anything about Germany's rulers. Germans are known for following orders. So, most Germans followed their leader's lead and did not resist.

While, here in America, many of us resisted the Bush era bad deeds. And in Europe, and elsewhere, many held all us Americans accountable, to the point that a lot of Americans got Maple Leaf pins to wear if visiting Europe, so as to be thought Canadian.

Gar said...

I think I need to talk to my wife about this "following orders" bit. Maybe she's not German... eh?

Durango said...

If your orders are not being obeyed you must apply stonger measures to force compliance. That's the German way.