Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Olympus Camera Has Come Back From The Dead

A few days ago I blogged about dropping my Olympus camera, breaking it, and my search for a new camera, with the 2 finalists being an Olympus waterproof, drop damage resistant, weather proof camera and a top-rated Canon.

So, yesterday I picked up my damaged Olympus, thinking I'd take out the rechargeable batteries. But, before I did that, for some reason, I thought I'd try to turn the camera on again.

It came on as if nothing had happened to it. I took a picture as if nothing had happened to it. After I'd dropped it there was a real bad grinding noise when the camera tried to open. The display would not light up. Pushing on the shutter button did nothing.

I can only speculate why the camera is back working. Here I was going to buy a new Olympus, that was supposed to be harder to break. But apparently my, once more alive, current Olympus, has some sort of magical repair itself ability.

Or maybe when I dropped the camera some part of the inner mechanism was wrenched out of alignment, but held in tension by a spring, or something. Then while sitting idle the tension slowly put whatever had wrenched out of alignment, back into place.

I'm going with the magical repair itself option. We'll see how long the newly healed camera continues to work. It likely is a temporary return from the dead.


somaphx said...

I was ferreting out the Marfa Noise Ordinance this morning with a Marlboro and cup of Yogi detox tea .... stumbled upon your site.

I like! I like!

I bought a beautiful Olympus in 2004, and since purchase have had use of it only several months. I had only 3 shots on it when the new bf spied it, snatched it and abused it for the next four years, chalking up thousands of great pics.

It was finally returned, only to be "borrowed" by an old ABQ friend I reconnected with after 23 yrs. That was seven (7!) mos. ago & I'm still waiting ....

My friend in Shafter Ghost Town asks "What is it with men and your camera?"

I can't say. I don't know. Do you?

Durango said...

I dunno, I think, maybe, we like to play with gadgets that beep.

I have Yogi detox tea. No Marlboro though.

Thanks for liking.