Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup

Yes, I know I've mentioned this West Texas festival before. And that it's been 2 months, or so, since this year's roundup occurred. But, I bring this up again because I found a very amusing video of the 2008 Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup. Unlike my video of this same event, in this new video the focus is on what goes on outside the building where the rattlesnakes are displayed. This new video focuses on the Texans who attend this event. Although you do see some snake whacking and skinning at the end.

I have long wanted to make a similar video, but my fear of someone getting the urge to beat me up has inhibited me from doing so. Perhaps I will now work up the courage to park in the Super Wal-Mart parking lot for a couple hours taking video of the variously sized, variously dressed Texans I see coming and going.

If you want to see my video of what goes on with the rattlesnakes at the Sweetwater Roundup, go here. Skip that if you like, but be sure and watch the video below. It's funny. Gar the Texan is from West Texas. These are his people. I think I saw some mullets.


Gar said...

You show videos like that and then previously you questioned why Texans have problems with nudity.
Isn't it obvious?
I'm going to grow my mullet back and ride naked through Fremont. I'll show ya.

Durango said...

Are you suggesting that a Nude Bike Ride at the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup would not be a pretty sight?

sap said...

That Police Officer riding the horse should be arrested for animal cruelty...