Monday, August 12, 2019

Good Reason For Creepy Obsession With J.D. Granger

I wrote the following last month whilst trying to make my way to Arizona, and then forgot about it til this morning...

Recently we learned an oxymoron minion, and fellow minions of the Fort Worth Way, were of the opinion we have a creepy obsession with J.D. Granger and his assignation history, including supposedly soliciting a TRV mole to get into paparazzi mode at J.D. Granger's nuptials, which apparently took place last February on an island near Cancun.


Those minions also feel J.D.'s office hanky panky is no one's business, and making public comments about this is just a terribly creepy thing to do.


First off, I only came to know of what went on inside the offices of the TRVA because someone privy to the office situation was not happy about it. Felt it was morally and ethically wrong, and felt those paying the bills, as in the Fort Worth public, needed to know.

The person telling me about it felt J.D. Granger created a hostile work environment, you know, one where someone has an affair with the married boss, and then seems to get work benefits, as in promotions, trips and such. Well, such behavior would get most bosses fired, or held to account in some manner.

But not in the nepotism corrupted Tarrant Regional Water District, or its offspring, the Trinity River Vision Authority, of which J.D. Granger was made the Executive Director, with zero qualifications for such a position, but given the job because he is the son of a local congresswoman who it was hoped would be motivated to get federal pork barrel funds funneled to Fort Worth.

J.D. Granger is paid over $200,000 a year, plus benefits and other perks. For doing a job which if it was done by a professional qualified project engineer would have been long over, as in J.D. Granger's sweetheart pork barrel high paying job would be no more, and he would have had to go back to being a low paid low level district attorney.

But, J.D. Granger has actually said, I think it was to NBC News, that he intends to keep working on the Panther Island project until it is completed. And then retire.

How many executive director project engineers are able, with mother's help, to milk a single public works project til they retire?

So, yeah, I guess I do have a sort of J.D. Granger obsession. I have long had a bad habit of when I see something I know is wrong, I tend to point out that fact.

However, I have also long thought the circumstance J.D. Granger found himself gifted with is not his fault. And how nice it is for him that he has been able to milk the public trough for so long.

It is Fort Worth, the Fort Worth Way, as in a town rife with corruption, which is the real problem, and is the real reason J.D. Granger was given such a job, for which it is now clearly obvious he was not qualified to do, and is the reason I make mention of the J.D. Granger Scandal at regular intervals.

Because the J.D. Granger Scandal is a symptom. Why would the people of a town put up with such an obvious case of corruption?

Boggling and perplexing.

And creepy, real creepy...

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One of many anonymous contributors said...

Sometimes I wonder if I'm being creepy by submitting many, but not all, of the JD Granger pics you post at your blog. I started submitting JD Granger photos after seeing the photos of Granger & Matt Oliver holding those so-called tacky signs. I was hoping to contribute my two cents to the cause.

Your website/blog is a one stop Panther Island Boondoggle information station as far as I'm concerned.

Yesterday while reading Texas Monthly I saw that they called right wing kook Michael Quinn Sullivan a creeper. I suppose that media members consider themselves watch dogs, but the rest of us are creepers.

So it goes.