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Delusional Fort Worth Trinity River Boat Tour To Panther Island 2028

Your eyes are not deceiving you. The above seems to be indicating what Fort Worth's imaginary Panther Island will look like in the year 2028.

Nine years from now.

The word "delusion" comes to mind. More on that delusion later.

Yesterday's Spencer Jack's Deceptive Howdy To FUD & Fort Worth blog post generated two interesting comments, both from someone named Anonymous.

Let's look at the first comment first, and then we will get to the one which took us to the Panther Island delusion...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Spencer Jack's Deceptive Howdy To FUD & Fort Worth...":

Panther Island Boat Tours website:

A boat tour video opens up, but it shows the Waco boat tour. Formidable Fort Worth, the 13th largest city in the United States, is following Waco's lead.

J.D. Granger & Marty Leonard among others are also in a photo from the website.

Above is the photo to which Anonymous referred, with J.D. Granger on the far left, and TRWD board member, Marty Leonard, on the far right, costumed like Katherine Hepburn's Rose Sayer in African Queen, ready to hop aboard the jungle boat for a river cruise.

The video to which Anonymous refers starts up as soon as you enter the Panther Island Boat Tours website. And, just as Anonymous indicated, that video does not show river boaters floating the Trinity River, but instead takes us on a look at a river boat tour of the Brazos River, in Waco.

With that boat tour actually passing by some actual scenic scenery, including an actual signature bridge, and the steep limestone cliffs of Cameron Park.

One of those bridges seen in the video is an irony we have mentioned before. That being that there is a bridge across the Brazos River, in Waco, which appears to be built upon V-piers of the sort Fort Worth has been struggling to build for years.

Above you can see the river boat heading towards that V-pier bridge, while below is a screen cap from the video showing a closer look at the river boat going under that Brazos River bridge.

Explain again, please, Trinity River Vision Boondogglers, why those V-piers stuck in slow motion construction mode will result in any sort of signature unique iconic type bridge?

Now, let's move on to the next comment, that being the one which took us to the Panther Island delusion mentioned above...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Spencer Jack's Deceptive Howdy To FUD & Fort Worth...":

Fort Worth realtor compares Panther Island to Vancouver's Granville Island.

You can't make this stuff up.

I agree with Anonymous, you can't make this stuff up. No need to, apparently, what with someone doing so.

You can watch the video, below, without needing to click the YouTube link above. The video opens with the Panther Island 2028 scene you see at the top. My instant reaction when seeing this was wait? what? that is not Fort Worth, that looks like Vancouver.

And so it was.

If my memory is serving me correctly, way back near the start of this century, when I was startled by a HUGE headline in the Sunday Fort Worth Star-Telegram proclaiming "TRINITY UPTOWN TO MAKE FORT WORTH THE VANCOUVER OF THE SOUTH" I remember thinking what fresh ridiculous nonsense is this? Little could I know then how totally absurdly ridiculous this was to become in the following decades.

Anyway, if my memory is serving me correctly I remember the original propaganda claimed this Fort Worth Vancouver makeover as being inspired by what Vancouver did with its False Creek industrial wasteland. That is the area of Vancouver which was transformed into Expo 86, Vancouver's extremely transformative successful world's fair.

Years later I recollect J.D. Granger taking the Boondogglers on one of their multiple "fact finding" junkets to Vancouver, and at that time touting the wonders of Granville Island.

Granville Island is located near False Creek, but came into existence before the False Creek industrial wasteland was transformed by Expo 86.

In the video the Fort Worth realtor waxes poetic about Granville Island and how the Panther Island version of it will transform Fort Worth, where the realtor claims now the only reason to go downtown is to go to jail or pick up someone from the jail.

The realtor apparently had never been to a Farmers Market before visiting the one on Granville Island. Not even the Farmer's Market in Dallas.

According to the realtor he and his wife were browsing through the Granville Farmers Market, picking up goods and putting them in their shopping cart, til chased down by a vendor who explained the goods had to be paid for at the vendor where one picked the goods up.

This realtor seems to be well-intentioned, though delusional. The few scenes in the video which do show Fort Worth, and the current Panther Island wasteland, ironically illustrate how absurd it is to think that chunk of land, and that polluted river, is going to somehow be transformed into anything even remotely resembling anything in Vancouver.

Anyway, watch the video below and you will see that it is true, you really can't make this stuff up...

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Landslide said...

The guy's a real estate broker. He'll sell you a house and maybe an unfinished bridge or even a polluted lot. I suspect insiders already have the prime land locked up and are waiting to make a killing. Not much will be on Panther Island, AKA Central City Project, Trinity Uptown, and Texas's biggest boondoggle, certainly not by 2028. The first development was a parking garage that was built then torn down after the foundation shifted. With that kind of progress there will be something by 2128 but it won't be even a fraction like Vancouver. It's taken over a hundred years to mostly build out downtown Fort Worth. Your tax money at work (in lieu of maintaining neighborhood streets and parks).