Sunday, August 11, 2019

Hank Frank Shocked Reaction To Elderly FUD

Incoming text message from my Favorite Nephew Joey this afternoon, which included the photo you see here, and the following message...

"Henry's facial expression when I told him how old you are. Happy Birthday, FUD."

In  a little over a month little Hank Frank will be one year old.

Not even a year old yet and I am already Hank Frank's Favorite Fuddy Duddy.

Looking at this photo it looks like Hank Frank is practicing for his walking debut.

This morning, before church, leaving ALDI, I called Hank Frank's great grandma, Miss Daisy, in Arizona, to do my annual wishing her a happy birthday.

When one is one of a dozen siblings, give or take a sibling or two, one learns not to make much of a big deal over a birthday, unlike some people do.

I have long been of the opinion that it is the birthing mother who should be getting happy birthday messages, not the one who got birthed.

I realize my opinion on this matter is not widely subscribed to.

I learned yesterday that David, Theo and Ruby are planning on taking their parental units to Arizona for Thanksgiving in a couple months.

It sure would make for a mighty fine time if Hank Frank flew his parental units south during that same time frame. Add Spencer Jack and Hank Frank's Uncle Jason and we would be having ourselves one mighty fine family reunion.

That is if I were to also show up...

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