Friday, August 16, 2019

Broken Bike Happy Hot Walking Wichita Falls Circle Trail Not In Arizona

Well, I did sorta almost manage to take a patented Elsie Hotpepper style selfie today.

There must be some trick I do not know about which makes it so one can see the phone screen when one is out where the sun is in bright mode.

My bike is in malfunction mode with a pedal crank which suddenly turned noisily cranky the day after the night of thunderstorms two nights ago.

I do not like going to the bike doctor, so I will likely be procrastinating on doing so.

In the meantime, looking at that wannabe Elsie Hotpeper style selfie, it almost looks like I may be being happy, which is an increasingly rare state of mind for me of late.

Yesterday, and this morning, I thought I was on the fast track to returning to Arizona way sooner than I thought I would be. Possibly returning in just a few days. Currently I really do not feel as if I have totally recovered from my most recent Arizona visit, which lasted for 17 days last month, and included about 16 hours of airport waiting, all delays totaled.

And then about an hour before noon I got a call from Hank Frank & Spencer Jack's grandpa Jake and great aunt Jackie with news which makes it seem like I may not be returning to Arizona way sooner than I thought I would be.

So, feeling some sense of relief I exited my air conditioned abode for a natural HOT sauna bath-like walk for a couple miles on the Circle Trail.

And now I wait on the next installment of the days of our lives as the world turns another day. Or two...

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