Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fire Burns Mount Wichita While Rain Drops Talking To Linda Lou

For the first time since about a month ago, I think the last time was during the time frame around the 4th of July, shortly before I exited Texas for the Arizona version of modern America, I rolled my bike's wheels on the Circle Trail, across Lake Wichita Dam and around Mount Wichita.

The first thing which surprised me today was when the full view of Lake Wichita came into focus. Wally the Duck, rumored to be the world's biggest wooden duck, is no longer tending flock on Lake Wichita. I somehow was under the impression Wally had taken up permanent residence on Lake Wichita.

Near where Wally the Duck used to float, that being the Lake Wichita Dam Spillway, a new mural, of sorts, has been added to the spillway wall on the north side of the spillway.

That new mural, I think it might be characterized as being a mini-mural, appears to be some sort of abstract representation of a lighthouse.

But it could be something else. A Mario Brother, for all I know.

As I cruised off the dam at the north end I encountered a vicious dog whose owner had trouble controlling it. Why would anyone walk a dog with a serious personality disorder? I guess that is a dumb question, like asking why would a sane nation elect a president with a serious personality disorder?

When I reached the Mount Wichita part of the Circle Trail I was surprised to see what looked to have been a massive wild fire had charred the mountain all the way to its scenic summit. The charred mountain is the photo documentation you see at the top.

Was this an act of arson? A 4th of July firecracker accident? A lightning strike? A controlled burn? I have no idea. It was interesting to see that the trails to the summit acted as a fire barrier, containing the blaze, and stopping the inferno from toasting the entire mountain.

A short time after passing the charred remains of Mount Wichita my phone made its incoming call noise. By the time I was able to stop and get the phone out of its container the last ring had happened. I saw it was Linda Lou, calling from home.

Shortly after re-inserting the phone into its protective container rain began to drip. By the time I got back to the top of the dam the rain was in downpour mode. By the time I reached the end of the dam I was soaking wet.

I coasted at high speed off the dam to under the cover of the Kemp Boulevard Circle Trail overpass, where I sought shelter along with other drenched rain victims.

I took this break from the rain as an opportunity to call Linda Lou back. By the time that chat ended the rain had also ended and most of what had hit the ground had dried up.

I rather enjoyed riding in the rain today. I hope that happens again someday soon...

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