Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hotter Than Hell 100s This Week In Wichita Falls

I do not recollect a time previous during my exile in Texas when the seven day forecast had the temperature over the century mark day after day after day.

Last month when I spent a couple weeks in the Arizona desert I don't think we had a week solidly over the 100 degree mark day after day after day.

The SEVEN DAY FORECAST you see above was screen capped from this morning's Wichita Falls Times News Record.

In a couple weeks bike riders from all over the world will be arriving in Wichita Falls to join thousands of other wheel rollers in the Hotter 'N Hell 100 event.

If I remember right, last year, during the Hotter 'N Hell weekend, the temperature did not get hotter than hell, staying under the 100 degree mark, with clouds and maybe some rain, again if I am remembering right.

I have never felt even a slight desire to ride in the Hotter 'N Hell event. I have enjoyed visiting the end of the race event site at the downtown Wichita Falls MPEC zone.

If the temperature is not way over 100 I may join the throngs at the MPEC again this year. Maybe...

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