Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tskawahyah Is No Panther Island With Blind Alligators

This morning I flipped the page on my wall calendar and saw the image for August, which is that which you see here.

A sea lion on a beach in Olympic National Park, at Cape Alava, with Tskawahyah Island barely off shore, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.

I saw this and realized I needed to add it to my ever growing series of actual island photos in my ongoing, multi-year effort to educate some landlocked landlubbers as to what an island actual is.

There is a small minded town in Texas where the locals are being conned into believing a cement lined ditch, dug possibly one day far in the future, dug around an industrial wasteland, then filled with polluted river water, somehow will make that industrial wasteland an island.

And even now, years before maybe, if ever, that cement lined ditch is ever dug and filled with water, that industrial wasteland is already referred to as Panther Island, with multiple events held at the imaginary island.

There have been no sea lions spotted at the Panther Island Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in polluted river water.

However, there was an incident with a blind alligator.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a demented plot by some demented Fort Worth local, who for some reason has a long range plan to turn the town into a national laughing stock.

If that is the goal, attaining it seems to be within reach...

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