Wednesday, August 7, 2019

David, Theo & Ruby From Mountains To Puget Sound Sea

Yesterday we found ourselves wondering Where In The Enchanted Pacific Northwest Are David, Theo & Ruby? after receiving an email asking "Where in the PNW? with photos documenting David, Theo and Ruby doing some Cascade Mountain hiking, with some cooling off in Enchanted Alpine Lakes.

In the blog post documenting the trio's mountain adventuring mention was made of the fact that when one lives in the Washington Puget Sound zone it is easy to go from a saltwater sea to a mountain glacier in an hour or two.

This morning's email from David, Theo and Ruby, with the subject line of "From the Mountain to the Sea" photo documented this reality, with photos showing the twins and David joining throngs of fellow beach goers on a Puget Sound beach.

The explanatory text accompanying the photos tells us where David, Theo and Ruby are, and what they are doing...

"Seahurst Park, Burien. Instead of building a sandcastle to fight the tide, they spent their time building dams to block and redirect the fresh water stream that flows into the sea."

Burien is a suburb of Seattle and Tacoma, located between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the Puget Sound.

I have no memory of myself ever having been on the beach at Burien's Seahurst Park.

When I was in the same age time frame as David, Theo and Ruby building sand dams was my favorite things to do during a low tide on Samish Island. I would build dams to hold back the water as the tide went out, and then watch the dams fail as the tide rolled back in.

I do not recollect ever having a tool such as Ruby is holding to help with my sand dam building. I recollect using a bucket to scoop sand to deliver to my dam.

I wonder where in the PNW David, Theo and Ruby will be taking their parental units today?

The trio has about a month before the new school year starts up.

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