Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Uncle Jake Builds Little Library In Chandler Arizona

Last Friday, after having way too much to eat at Scottsdale's Fiesta Burrito, our three vehicle caravan made its way to Uncle Jake's Scottsdale location where we got a first glimpse at the Little Library he was building to install in Chandler at Aunt Jackie's.

Aunt Jackie had decided it was time to introduce the Little Library concept to Chandler. So, Uncle Jake agreed to be the architect.

Summer of 2017 I was introduced to the Little Library concept when I saw the Tin Man Little Library installed in David, Theo and Ruby's front yard.

At that point in time I blogged about it in David, Theo & Ruby's Tacoma Tin Man Little Free Library.

The day after we saw Uncle Jake's Little Library in the making he installed it in Aunt Jackie's front yard, which is what you see above.

Jake built this without use of some sort of shop with a plethora of tools. The base is a tripod of three windfall branches. Somehow Jake was able to bind these together, make their three surfaces flush with the ground and the base of the Little Library, and line up with the bolt holes in the bottom of the Little Library.

Uncle Jake has always had construction skills at a level high above that of his big brother.

And then there was this, taken the day we visited Uncle Jake's house and the Little Library in the making.

We were instructed to pose by photographer Mama Michele. That would be myself and Jake behind Theo, David and Ruby.

I just got a text message that Theo is currently in doctor visit mode due to a rash behind his ears and back of neck. While in Arizona Theo had fun hunting scorpions with a night light. Theo objected to exterminating the captured scorpions, preferring to catch and release.

I hope this Theo rash is not a delayed reaction to a scorpion sting...

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