Friday, March 1, 2019

Sensuous Prairie Note Of Fort Worth's Mountain Range

That which you see above showed up in my email inbox this morning, March 1, 2019, part of the monthly Prairie Notes. This issue being Prairie Notes #147, titled "The Sensuous Prairie".

You can view the entire March Prairie Notes on the Tandy Hills official website by clicking on The Sensuous Prairie.

Looking at the Sensuous Prairie you will see a plethora of photos documenting the best scenic location in all of Fort Worth.

Seems like eons ago I was a regular hiker on the Tandy Hills, with those hills being my primary location to attain aerobically induced endorphins.

I do not do complex math calculations with any degree of reliable accuracy, but, near as I can count it has been at least three years since I have set foot on any one of the Tandy Hills hills.

I can't really say I miss hiking the Tandy Hills, unless I think about it, and then I do sort of miss it. Just like I miss hiking a Cascade Mountain trail if I think about, which I usually don't.

If I remember correctly I have sort of hiked Cascade Mountain type hills since I've hiked the Tandy Hills, that is if hiking and biking the hills of Tacoma counts, which it should, since the hills of Tacoma are more hilly than the Tandy Hills of Fort Worth, which are rather puny hills if you want to be truthful about it.

But, as we all know, Fort Worth is prone to exaggerating, which is a more polite way of saying untruthful.

Calling something a square before there was any semblance of such. Or a public market when such bore little resemblance to an actual public market. Or referring to an industrial wasteland as an island, when no sane person would ever refer to it as such. Or promoting a sporting goods store as becoming the #1 Texas tourist attraction, when anyone with even minimal functioning mental capacity knew was ridiculous. Or propagandizing that Fort Worth is one of America's economic powerhouses.

One can go on and on listing instances of Fort Worth exaggerations.

So, referring to a collection of knobby knolls as hills is extremely minor exaggerating when one considers the Fort Worth norm for exaggerating, which if the pattern were accurately followed the Tandy Hills would be known as the Tandy Mountain Range...

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