Friday, March 29, 2019

Searching For Fort Worth Indoor Plumbing, Sidewalks & Public Pools

Prior to leaving Texas for my recent two week Arizona visit I had resolved to myself that on this Arizona visit I was going to photo document the excellent road landscaping, the streets with sidewalks, the multiple public swimming pools, the parks with modern restroom, running water and zero outhouses, and then compare what I photo documented to what I do not see in some Texas towns which pretend to be modern American cities with hopes of hooking a corporation to move its headquarters to town.

Yes. Fort Worth. I am talking about you. A town with parks without modern facilities, but plenty of outhouses, miles of streets without sidewalks, zero public pools, roadside landscaping which is shoddy, if it does exist, and, well, you get the point.

But, my best laid plans went awry, for the most part, once I was on the ground in Arizona, relegated once again to driving Miss Daisy way too many miles to way too many locations.

However, on my last day in Arizona, whilst being driven to the airport, I was able to do a little photo documenting of some of the roads on the route to Sky Harbor. I will likely soon get around to blogging about those landscaped roads.

One more thing. I was also planning to photo document, and take video, of some of the multiple waterfalls I see when driving around the Phoenix metro zone, particularly in Chandler.

I do not understand why the town I am currently in, named Wichita Falls, with no actual waterfall, but one well done fake falls, does not install realistic looking waterfalls at the town's entry points, and other locations around town. It must not be too cost prohibitive, with with the myriad of manmade waterfalls I see in Arizona. Or is that state just way more prosperous? Or more aesthetically imaginative?

Back to Fort Worth and the town's love of outhouses.

Years ago I recollected photo documenting signage in Fort Worth's only actual sort of unique tourist attraction, that being the Fort Worth Stockyards. With that signage, on multiple business venues, proudly boasting they had INDOOR RESTROOMS with INDOOR PLUMBING.

It took a little looking but I found the webpage I made of this, titled FORT WORTH STOCKYARDS INDOOR PLUMBING.

It has been several years since I have visited the Fort Worth Stockyards. Maybe the signs touting Indoor Plumbing no longer exist...

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Anonymous said...

Fort Worth, Texas, where the west begins, population 874,168 (2017) has 3 city pools.

Austin, Texas population 950,715 (2017) has 45 city pools.

So it goes.