Sunday, March 10, 2019

Fountain Hills Frappe With Miss Daisy On Beeline Bush Roller Coaster

Due to my erratic internet connections my blog postings will be being a bit out of sync for the next 10 days, give or take a day or two.

Right now I am successfully connected to the internet at Miss Daisy's Clubhouse.

This is an open wi-fi connection.

At the DFW airport Google did not like an open wi-fi connection. It took a few minutes before Google objected. If this gets posted, successfully, I guess Google did not object.

I have yet to be able to blog about all which happened on Friday, except for the horse riding/McDonald's part of the day, with the rest of Friday consisting of things such as playing in the two best playgrounds I have ever played in.

Or Saturday's fun which included a re-enactment of Macklemore's Downtown video, along with a little Butch Cassidy raindrops falling on the head bike handlebar fun. Plus a swimming pool incident which seemed to shock those not used to year round swimming. And a new Arizona Little Library.

But, before I get to any of that I will just stick with today.

David, Theo and Ruby flew their parental units back to Washington this morning. I have received text message confirmation of their safe arrival.

Around the mid-morning time frame Miss Daisy directed her driver to drive north to Fountain Hills. That  may have been the driver's idea.

Way back in 2012 on the first day of an Arizona visit, a rainy day, dad drove Miss Daisy and me to Fountain Hills, and then on a mountain road, at high speed, which was quite memorable to me. I was not sure upon departure that I would be able to find that road, even with Miss Daisy's detailed help.

So, we headed north on Highway 87 where it is known as Arizona Avenue in Chandler, which turns into Country Club Avenue in Mesa, before becoming the Beeline Highway when Highway 87 leaves civilization surrounded by saguaro infested desert.

Finally reaching Fountain Hills Miss Daisy asked if I have ever had a McDonald's frappe. One gets asked this question frequently. Soon I found myself in a McDonald's drive-thru duo line ordering two medium frappes, costing $3.99 each. This seemed to me to be an absurd price to pay for such a thing. But, what do I know?

After exiting McDonald's Miss Daisy directed me to the heart of downtown Fountain Hills, where we found the lake and the giant fountain. The Fountain Hills fountain erupts on the hour (like Yellowstone's Old Faithful) with one of the biggest fountain eruptions on the planet.

There were hundreds of people walking, jogging, biking and blading the paved trail around the lake. Miss Daisy did not want to join them while she still had some McDonald's frappe to deal with.

We did not get to see the fountain erupt.

Exiting Fountain Hills I continued on Highway 87, making a beeline for the Fort McDowell Casino, which I quickly passed until exiting on to the Bush Highway., which is the wild ride I was looking forward to driving.

The Bush Highway did not disappoint. I thought it was a rock and roll roller coaster when dad was doing the driving. It remained as such with me driving much slower.

The Bush Highway had a lot of traffic, which made it funner. There are a lot of recreational opportunities along this highway, including hiking, mountain biking, boating, inner tubing, kayaking and horse riding.

I do not know if the Bush Highway is named after 'those' Bush people, or what Bush, if any.

Another interesting thing today. Due to all the rain which has fallen on the Arizona desert the landscape was not its usual brown, instead tinted green.

With wildflowers.

I am almost certain the blue wildflowers I saw alongside the road today were what we call bluebonnets in Texas. But, I am not registered horticulturist, so what do I know?

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