Saturday, March 9, 2019

Riding Horses With Miss Daisy, David, Theo & Ruby

I am once again back at an Internet connection.

Actually when I wrote that previous sentence I was at my mom's, without an Internet connection. But, I thought maybe I would be able to describe my Friday day today and then turn what I typed and the photos I took yesterday into a few blog posts.

The first major event of the day, yesterday, was driving Miss Daisy to an equestrian center in west Chandler.

David, Theo and Ruby were scheduled to do some trail riding, with Miss Daisy, Grandma Janet, Grandpa Gary, Mamas Michele and Kristen, Aunt Jackie and me watching the pre-ride preparation and training inside a corral, before the trio reached a skill level sufficient for the teaching cowgirl to have her horse open the corral gate.

The kids then disappeared into the desert, returning about a half hour later.

That is the corral practice you see at the top, with next photo being the wave goodbye as the trio trotted out into the desert.

There was a moment of high anxiety when one of the Equestrian Center's cowboys took off at high gallop, heading in the direction where we had last seen David, Theo and Ruby disappear into the horizon. And then a few minutes later the trio appeared in the distance, heading our direction. All was well.

Here we see Ruby on top of 27 year old Alice, who was heavy with child.

David rode Butch, named after the Sundance Kid's Cassidy partner in crime.

And then we have Theo on Eyeore. Theo had a little trouble shifting Eyeore out of first gear.

And above we see the  trio as they leave civilization to head out into the wild, with David and Ruby leading Theo and Eyeore.

After the horse portion of the morning was completed it was off to the nearest McDonald's where Aunt Jackie and Uncle Jack had arranged a special McDonald's welcome. We entered McDonald's greeted by Miss Ricki who had Happy Meal boxes filled with every one of the current Happy Meal toys which usually require multiple McDonald's visits to acquire.

Above you see Theo, Ruby, David and Miss Daisy enjoying their Happy Meal toys.

I knew a visit to a Scottsdale Mexican Burrito purveyor was scheduled for later in the day, so I only had myself a limited selection from the McDonald's buffet. A fish sandwich, the new french fries smothered with cheese and bacon option (okay one time, not a second time), with a few random things thrown in, such as some of Miss Daisy's chicken tenders.

I have a lot of blogging material from yesterday. With more incoming from today. But, my current typing position is not conducive to being quick about it. That and I hear a party blaring nearby which requires my attention.

More later...

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