Thursday, March 7, 2019

Driving Miss Daisy To Swim In And Out To Tucson

I have discovered the world's best exercise guaranteed to strain every muscle in ones body to the edge of failure.

Play with three kids in a swimming pool for three hours. Or more.

I'm glad we got mom two transport chairs. I may need to use the second one by tomorrow....

Okay, the above was written yesterday whilst I was still in recovery mode from hours of swimming.

In the photo documentation of this I believe that is David in the foreground, myself on the left, and Theo directly behind me.

Eventually I was sent to Grandma's kitchen to bring back some sort of treat before heading to In 'n Out for a different type treat. The In 'n Out was in Gilbert, a distance from the swimming location in Sun Lakes. David, Theo & Ruby's grandma provided navigation direction to the Gilbert location. Thus adding to the exploration adventure element. Eventually we reached the location we long sought.

Above we are still at the pool in Sun Lakes. You are looking at Ruby, David and Theo's favorite aunt and uncles, Jackie, Jake and myself. Can you tell we are now sunburned?

After getting our fill of burgers, David, Theo and Ruby directed their parental units to a nearby shoe store whilst Miss Daisy directed her driver to head south to Sprouts to get some Irish Soda bread before heading to the Oasis Veterans Park, in Chandler, so David, Theo and Ruby could take turns driving Miss Daisy.

Above that is Theo driving Miss Daisy to the main trail around the Oasis Veterans Park lake, with me providing directional oversight.

David, Theo and Ruby liked visiting the snakes, cougars and bobcats housed in the Oasis Veterans Park Visitors Center. That and finding all the jackrabbits and regular rabbits hopping all around the park, along with the dozens of fishing poles angling at the lake's edge.

Today David, Theo and Ruby had their mother drive Miss Daisy to Tucson to see their other grandma and walk through Tucson's Desert Museum before leaving their non-driving maternal parental unit behind with her parental units.

Aunt Jackie and I are now back in Chandler after doing some extensive area explorations, preparing for tomorrow morning's horse ride. We are currently awaiting the return of Miss Daisy, David, Theo, Ruby and whoever is currently driving Miss Daisy, most likely Mama Michele.

Miss Daisy lost her wi-fi connection since my last Arizona visit. And so my only connection so far with the Internet has been at my current location, at Chandler's Casa Weston.

I went swimming again this morning, eventually with a crowd of a couple dozen Sun Lakes ladies doing their daily water aerobics tuned to loud rock music.

I am liking being back at a location where the air is warm...

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