Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Heading To Arizona Twice As HOT As Texas

A few minutes ago I checked in on the current temperature at my current location, and the current temperature at the location I will arrive at later today.

In addition to this temperature information I also learned what the current time difference is between my current location in Texas and my future location in Arizona.

The time difference often confuses me, due to all of Arizona south of the Grand Canyon not playing along with the antiquated Daylight Savings Time nonsense.

Speaking of which, don't we soon switch back to Daylight Savings Time? Maybe that will have happened by the time I return to Texas, along with, I hope, warmer temperatures.

I thought it interesting when I checked on the temperature, at 9 am my time, that Phoenix was precisely twice as hot as where I am right now.

Last night Spencer Jack and Henry's grandpa text messaged me a couple times and in one of those messages told me 85 was the predicted high today in the Valley of the Sun.

I suspect tomorrow morning I will find myself in a swimming pool.

Tonight, an hour after I arrive in Arizona, if my flight is not delayed like it was the last time, sister Jackie and mom and I will make our way to the Alaskan terminal to pick up David, Theo and Ruby, along with their parental units.

I do not know what I will be getting to do with David, Theo and Ruby. I am hoping I get to drive them to the summit of South Mountain, and to the Chicago Cubs Wrigley Park playground. What I do know for sure is I am scheduled to go horse riding with David, Theo and Ruby on Friday. Well, to be perfectly accurate, I will be watching David, Theo and Ruby go horse riding.

For almost two decades now I have refused to get on top of a horse, due to an incident where a horse tried to kill me, or so it seemed, at a location I was unfortunate to live at, at the time, in the north of Fort Worth suburb of Haslet...

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