Sunday, March 17, 2019

Driving Miss Daisy To St. Patrick's Day Poolside Computing

What you see here is my post swim St. Patrick's Day Sunday morning attempt to take what I feebly thought to be an imaginative photo of my current internet wi-fi connected computer, with the view I was seeing also on the computer screen.

But, I had lighting issues my limited photography skills were unable to overcome.

Even with those serious lighting issues, I rather enjoy my current temporary computing location.

Which I am able to enjoy when I am successfully able to get away from Miss Daisy.

However, sometimes I am left with no choice but to take Miss Daisy with me in the Daisy Mobile. Or roll her here on her non-motorized locomotion device.

After today I have one full day remaining in Arizona, and then fly out of here on Tuesday, getting back to my home location around midnight.

I am hoping there will be no flight vexations on the Tuesday return flight of the sort which vexed the arrival flight.

This current Arizona visit is likely my last for a long time. At least that is my current thinking. I really do not think my delicate constitution could take another two weeks of this engaging type stimulation without an extremely long recuperation, and maybe therapy of some sort....

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