Friday, March 15, 2019

Are The Fort Worth Grangers Scheming Fraudsters?

You reading this from other parts of America, and the world, may not recognize the pair of Texans you see here.

No, it is not J.R. Ewing standing next to Miss Ellie.

It is J.D. Granger standing next to Miss Kay.

Also known as J.D.'s Mama, Fort Worth Congresswoman, Kay Granger.

The past few days scandals have broken out regarding some nefarious celebrity types paying bribes in order to get their kids into schools which they could not get into on their own merits.

J.D. Granger used to be sort of a practicing attorney. It is known the law school J.D. graduated from is what is known as a Tier Level 4 school. My source for such is Fort Worth political historian, Clyde Picht.

It is suspected J.D. was unable to get into an upper tier law school, such as Harvard, Yale, or the University of Washington.

Back when it was time to get J.D. into law school his mother likely lacked the funds to bribe for something better, and had little political pull to yank on her son's behalf.

I do not know if Texas requires someone to pass any sort of bar exam in order to become a practicing attorney. I would not be surprised if all Texas requires is proof of graduation from any accredited law school.

Such would explain how the likes of J.D. Granger could become a lawyer.

Now, back to that fuss being made over those TV stars paying bribes to get their kids into a school for which they were not qualified.

When the entity known as the Trinity River Vision Authority was looking to hire an Executive Director there was not some sort of talent hunt, seeking the best qualified civil engineer experienced in directing such a project.

Instead the agency which oversees the TRVA, the Tarrant Regional Water District, hired local Congresswoman Kay Granger's son, J.D. for a job for which it is now painfully obvious he was not qualified.

J.D. was hired so as to motivate his mother to secure federal funds for that which eventually became America's Biggest Boondoggle, originally known as the Trinity River Central City Uptown Panther Island District Vision Boondoggle.

J.D.'s mother has been unable to secure the federal funds it was hoped she would secure.

Hence America's Biggest Boondoggle limping along, becoming an ever bigger embarrassment to Fort Worth and its citizen victims who did not vote for this ill conceived, poorly planned, ineptly implemented civic disaster.

And so, tell me, why is it an epic scandal for those Hollywood celebrities to pay bribes to get their kids into a school for which they could not legitimately qualify, but it is not a scandal for someone like J.D. Granger to be given a high paying job he did/does not know how to do, as a sort of bribe to motivate his mother to dip into the federal pork barrel?

And why is it not a political scandal for Kay Granger to be a part of this scheme? How much money has J.D. Granger been paid, all totaled, all sources, during the course of his tenure as Executive Director of what is now America's Biggest Boondoggle?

Kay Granger knew her son's ability level better than anyone. She knew he would never make it as a lawyer, if the making it part of that equation was making a lot of money. Kay Granger had a strong motivation to help get her son into a well paying position, securing his future, and his future retirement.

The current project timeline of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle extends to 2028, about the year J.D. Granger hits retirement age.

What an accomplishment that will be, if the Grangers are able to milk this til J.D. can retire.

I suspect, though, that there are now strong forces in play which will derail J.D.'s retirement plan.

Perhaps the Grangers will be small players in the overall HUGE number of Republicans who end up indicted, tried and jailed before this Trump nightmare runs its corrupt, scandalous course...

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