Saturday, March 2, 2019

Going Around In Circles In Chilly Wichita Falls

March seems to be in roar in like a lion mode at my location in North Texas.

If all goes to current plan I will be in Arizona til the day the winter of 2019 ends, with the eagerly anticipated spring arriving the next day.

I am hoping March will be in lamb mode by the time I get back to Texas.

I do not recollect ever being so offput by offputting weather any year previous, as I have been this year.

Tomorrow, that being the first Sunday of March, possible snow is on the menu. Along with a wind chill nearing zero.

Arizona is going to feel so HOT. I hope.

So, early this morning when I looked out my kitchen window, whilst pouring coffee, I was surprised to see groups of people running and walking on the Circle Trail, heading south towards Lake Wichita.

Such a sight would be unusual on a pleasantly warmed morning, and so seemed extremely unusual considering the current drizzly chill.

And then I saw a group of three who appeared to be attired as Indians. Of the Native American sort, not of the nation of India sort. One was in a robe which reached the ground, all three were carrying what looked to be sticks covered with feathers.

A short while later I looked out the window again and saw a group of two with one carrying a sign, upside down, the message on which I was not able to read.

All quite mysterious.

Then, around 11 this morning, I decided to layer on the outer wear and make my way to the Circle Trail. When I reached the Circle Trail I headed north and soon came upon a chalked message on the cement informing me I needed a green bracelet.

Soon after that I came to the message you see above telling me to "KEEP GOING".

I followed the instruction to keep going, and then after I kept going for a couple hundred feet I came upon the perplexing instruction you see below.

I did as instructed, turned around and headed south, awaiting further instructions which I expected to see after passing the sign which had told me to keep going.

It was just too much for me to process, what with the Circle Trail basically having me going in circles, and so I made my way back to the relatively warm comfort of my interior space...

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