Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Happy Easter Village Creek Bike Ride

Those are my handlebars on the Village Creek Blue Bayou Overlook, looking over the Village Creek Blue Bayou on this last day of March of 2013, which also happens to be Easter.

A lot of people were in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area today getting exercise in various forms; biking, walking, roller blading, jogging, playing volleyball, soccer and sitting at picnic tables engaging in the endorphin inducing activity known as eating.

I called my mom and dad on the way to Village Creek to wish them a Happy Easter. At that point in time my parental units were not available, so I left a voice mail.

Earlier today I mentioned that I'd not heard from Spencer Jack's dad confirming that Spencer Jack was going to go to Phoenix to visit his great-grandparental units tomorrow.

Spencer Jack's dad read the blog and then emailed me to tell me that he had emailed me earlier in the week to tell me Spencer Jack was visiting Arizona, April 1 through April 6.

Changing the subject back to riding my bike.

I'd not been in bi-pedal mode for quite some time, not since an incident at Gateway Park where I saw something unseemly the likes of which I'd never seen before whilst on my bike. Or off my bike.

I was feeling real strong on wheels today, zipping up the inclines. I think I will be adding way more bike rides to my exercise mix.

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