Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tandy Hill Hiking Unsuccessful Finding Texas Wildflowers Blooming

Yesterday I read somewhere that a couple species of Texas Wildflowers had been spotted blooming on the Tandy Hills.

So, today I went hill hiking on the Tandy Hills, covering mile after hilly mile, looking for the couple species of Texas Wildflowers that had been spotted blooming on the Tandy Hills.

To no avail.

By the time my illusive Texas Wildflower search came to the Tandy Amphitheater zone I felt the need to sit for awhile.

And so I did.

Texas Wildflower hunting is exhausting.

I wonder if reservations are going to be required to secure a seat for the Tandy Amphitheater shows during the Power to the Prairie 2013 Prairie Fest, Saturday, April 27?

Despite my Texas Wildflower finding failure, I got in some good hill hiking endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation, in perfect temperature conditions, not too hot, not too cold. A Goldilocks type day.

I had myself a good bout of cool pool hot tub cycling early this morning. I think that activity also induces some endorphins.

With the temperature currently being 67, heading to a potential high today somewhere in the 70s, tomorrow's cool pool bout may not require any hot tub interaction. I will know for sure in the morning, about one minute after getting in the cool pool.

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