Friday, March 15, 2013

Unstoppable Woman Dina Moor Stopped

I have made a few websites for a few people over the years. The Unstoppable Woman website is one of those websites.

The Unstoppable Woman was Dina Moor. Over her long career, as a model, Dina lived in many locations, including Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle.

But Dallas was where Dina's roots were and it is in Texas I met Dina Moor.

Of all the people for whom I've made a website, Dina Moor was my favorite to work with. The Unstoppable Woman website is fairly simple. During the week I uploaded my initial version of her website Dina would send me PDF screen caps with circles around items she wanted changed, plus a lot of notes.

Dina knowing what she wanted and being able to so well articulate it is what made her fun to work with. Working with Dina Moor was the total opposite experience to one I was having at the same time with an Elderly Geezer in Tacoma who was totally non-tech savvy and unable to articulate what he wanted, just that he did not like what he saw.

Last March I heard from Dina's sister when Dina's web hosting annual payment to me came back to her. Dina's email was not working at the time and she'd lost my phone number. I called, we chatted. Dina Moor was very amusing to talk to. I remember the re-mailed check arrived the day before I flew to Phoenix last year. I don't think I deposited it til I returned.

Then in mid-April I got a desperate call from Dina. Her Unstoppable Woman website was down. It took me a few minutes to figure out what had happened. Dina had forgotten to renew her domain. I called the place where she registered the domain and got it back up, telling Dina she could pay me for renewing the domain when I billed for the next year's web hosting.

I sent the aforementioned bill for next year's web hosting to Dina several weeks ago. It came back with a Return to Sender Undeliverable type message. I then emailed the bill to Dina's email address. That also bounced back as undeliverable.

I began to be concerned.

I then called Dina and the phone just rang and rang, with no answer, and without going to voice mail.

Then this morning I emailed Dina's sister, who had emailed me last year, to tell her I was concerned about Dina.

Dina's sister quickly replied, letting me now I had reason to be concerned, that Dina had become ill last Fall and passed away in late November.

Last year when Dina's website went down due to the domain not being renewed we talked a long time, at various times, over several days.

Dina was excited about a possible new modeling job. And a couple new Unstoppable Woman books, one based in Northern California with the other in the Austin, Texas zone, if I remember right.

I remember telling Dina to get the books to me when they're ready and I'd put them on the website. I recollect also talking about adding a monthly "What's Up With Dina" type thing to the website. Dina was going to call me back about that, but never did, with me sort of forgetting that Dina was going to call me back.

So, I'm feeling a bit melancholy this afternoon.

And thinking.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls....


CatsPaw said...

We just never know when our time is up, do we? A good tribute is a friend who speaks well of you. My condolences.

Stu E said...

I knew Dina too. She was a funny lady- always upbeat and going at full speed in some new direction.

I will miss Dina. She is a vivid reminder that life is precious- not something to be taken for granted.

I am glad you enjoyed Dina Moor, too, Durango.

Durango said...

I forgot to mention, in my blogging about Dina, an example of what a sweetheart she was. I do not remember what I did, but whatever it was I did, Dina wanted to mail me a Peach Cobbler, in gratitude. And so she did. But, this Peach Cobbler delivery, from Dallas, became problematic for the U.S. Postal Service. I got an unable to deliver message in my mailbox. But this time I went to the Post Office to get Dina's Peach Cobbler. If I remember right this was a Thanksgiving Peach Cobbler.

Steve A said...

Any of us would be honored to be remembered as in this post.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Life is precious