Saturday, March 9, 2013

Strong Thunderstorms With Big Hail Heading To North Texas Saturday Evening

My computer based weather monitoring device has been flashing red for a couple hours. I was sort of ignoring the flashing because I was fairly certain I knew what the flashing was about. That being the predicted incoming Thunderstorm.

Reading through what is predicted to be booming soon I've gleaned the following...

Hail the size of quarters, ping pong balls or even tennis balls are possible, which can easily break windows, smash windshields and injure livestock.

I need to get the cows in the barn soon.

Low clouds and drizzle across Texas and Oklahoma prevented thunderstorms from developing earlier in the day. So, it will take until some heating stirs up the atmosphere to cause some thunderstorming.

Currently we are at 70 degrees at my location. Apparently not hot enough, yet to stir up the atmosphere.

Storms will expand into the evening farther south and east, affecting residents from Tulsa, Oklahoma., through Dallas, Fort Worth, Waco, Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Thunderstorms will be capable of producing dangerous hail along with wind gusts to 60 mph, which can easily knock down small trees and power lines.

Great, of late, every time it gets a bit windy the power goes out at my location. I must get my back up lighting ready.

An isolated tornado is also possible, especially across southeastern Oklahoma and northeastern Texas, where twisters are most prevalent.

Thunderstorms will be severe through the late-evening hours before morphing into heavy rain overnight.

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