Sunday, March 17, 2013

Flotsam & Flowers With Sunday's Indian Ghosts In The Village Creek Natural Historical Area

Today I walked again with the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, for my regular Sunday commune with nature.

As you can see, in the picture, a lot of flotsam has floated up against this particular dam bridge which spans Village Creek. The flotsam appears to be greatly impeding the water flow.

The next time we go into flash flood mode, this location might create some interesting water action.

You can also see, in the picture, some of the return of green. Along with some tree color visible in the upper left.

In only 3 days the Vernal Equinox arrives, which is usually followed by the Texas wildflowers springing into action.

Due to the temperature going over 80 on Saturday the pool was not too cool this morning. So, I had myself the longest swim I've had since early February when we had a short hot bout that heated up the cool pool water.

In what seems to be becoming the norm, there were a lot of people, besides myself, walking with the Indian Ghosts today. I remember back years ago when this particular park always seemed to be a Ghost Park, with very very few people ever seen.

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