Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Baby Sister Told Me I Am Old Before I Walked With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts & Plein Air Painters

Ancient Village Creek Indian Path
Today for my daily endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation I opted for the relatively peaceful aerobicizing with the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

A peaceful, calm before the storm type energy, seemed to be the theme for today's Ghost Walk.

The prediction for this morning was rain. I did not learn til after my blue sky early morning cool pool dip that the forecast had been changed to rain later today, rather than early today.

By noon blue had been blotted from the sky by what looked like a thick cloud cover ready to drip at any moment. Now, hours later, the sky has not yet begun any dripping.

I think we need some sky drippage, soon, to get the annual Texas Wildflower displays busy blooming. It is almost April and I have yet to see a single Bluebonnet.

Today, whilst walking with the Indian Ghosts I came upon something I have never come upon at this location, previously. That being a guy painting.

I asked the painter if I could take a picture of him painting his painting. He said sure, but then proceeded to jump out of the way. I think he may have thought I asked, "Can I take a picture of 'your' painting?" rather than what I actually asked, which was "Can I take a picture of 'you' painting?"

I asked the painter if he was one of the Plein Air Painters at the Prairie Fest. He said he was two years ago, but not last year, when the Prairie Fest temporarily morphed into 3 separate festivals over 3 months.

I told the painter that this year the Prairie Fest is back being a one day affair, this coming April 27.  He said he'd check out the Tandy Hills website to see if they are having Plein Air Painters this year. I told him I was sure they must be, that that was one of my favorite parts of the Prairie Fest.

I checked out the Prairie Fest section of the Tandy Hills website and saw no mention made of Plein Air Painters. I am sure it is a given that they will be there, with no need to mention that fact.

On my way across the Village Creek dam bridge, on my way to look at the Village Creek Blue Bayou, I saw a  couple guys fishing.

I often seen people fishing in Village Creek. I have never seen anyone catch a fish. The only fish I have ever seen in Village Creek is a Gar Fish. My one and only Gar Fish sighting. Seeing a Gar Fish, in Texas water, marked the last time I have put myself into a Texas body of water. Except for swimming pools.

When I crossed the Village Creek dam bridge again, returning from viewing the Village Creek Blue Bayou, I saw the number of fisherpeople had doubled.

When I was a kid my dad would take me and my brother fishing in the Skagit River. Salmon of various sorts is what one fishes for in the Skagit River. Salmon is a very tasty, very big, safe to eat fish.

What does one hope to catch in Village Creek and what does one do with it if one catches it?

Speaking of Skagit River salmon. My favorite nephew, Joey, continues the family fishing tradition. When the salmon return to the Skagit River Joey catches his fair share. I have no idea what that number is. Or if Joey turns any of his catch into Smoked Salmon. I do know, for certain, that Joey has never sent me any Smoked Salmon.

Speaking of my relatives. I heard from my Baby Sister this morning, informing me, among other things, that I am OLD. I was 17 when my Baby Sister was born. This morning my Baby Sister reminded me that she has a birthday upcoming, on April 13, to be precise, a day which lives on in infamy, I remember it so clearly.

My  Baby Sister mentioned how old she will be on this upcoming birthday, with the inference that adding 17 years to that age makes me very OLD.

I don't feel very OLD. I don't act very OLD. I don't look very OLD. But, I guess I need to come to grips with the fact that I am very OLD!

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