Monday, April 1, 2013

A Happy April Fool's Day With Wildflowers & Turtles

This morning I was in Arlington, which is the town where the Village Creek Natural Historical Area is located.

Since I was in the neighborhood, and even though I'd biked with the Indian Ghosts on Easter, I decided to walk with them today.

As you can see, via the photo, the Village Creek Blue Bayou was looking particularly blue today. Blue and green. Swamp foliage appears to be over proliferating.

Today is the first day of April. Also known as April Fool's Day.

April Fool's Day is the holiday celebrated world-wide where one tries to fool people. Usually the fooling takes the form of making up some somewhat plausible story. For instance, every year, previously, since I've been writing this blog, on April Fool's Day, I make up some scenario that has me moving from Texas.

I saw something today that reminded me of the first time I drove from Washington to Texas. That being the wildflower you see below.

I believe this particular wildflower is called an Evening Primrose. I only saw one instance of this flower blooming today. Usually there would be a big patch of these wildflowers. Back in early May of 1998, when I drove to Texas to see if it was feasible to move here, south of Amarillo I began seeing delicate looking flowers. Eventually I stopped to check out these flowers close up.

Texas being so colorful, from wildflowers, was the first of many unexpected Texas surprises.

I don't remember if it was an unexpected Texas surprise to find out that so many turtles thrive at this location on the planet.

The Village Creek turtles were having themselves a mighty fine time basking under the sun today.

I went swimming early this morning. Methinks I may go for a rare afternoon swim and do some turtle-like sun basking.

If the weather predictors are correct with their predicting, some time around midnight tonight some heavy duty storming should begin banging, blowing and dropping water, with the banging, blowing and water dropping continuing through Tuesday's daylight hours.

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