Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Post Storm Serene Walk With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts

Gazing out at the serene Village Creek Blue Bayou today, one would never guess a storm passed this way yesterday.

I would have thought that yesterday's rain would have dropped enough water to have Village Creek running high.

I was half expecting the Village Creek Natural Historical Area to be closed from flooding, with me denied access to walking with my favorite Indian Ghosts.

But, instead of a lot of water, a mere trickle was trickling through the Village Creek Dam Bridge.

The dose of water amped up the Village Creek greenery, but not the wildflowers, except for a massive carpet of yellow dandelions, which I don't think the locals consider to be a wildflower. For some reason the locals seem to think the beautiful yellow dandelions are a weed, not a wildflower.

Methinks yellow dandelions are a flower, growing wild, hence a wildflower, not a weed.

Enough with the weedy pondering, it is time for lunch.

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