Monday, April 8, 2013

Walking My Fort Worth Neighborhood Green Belt To Escape Wind Chime Noise Pollution

Today I had some books due, so I trekked them to the library via my neighborhood green belt that is decorated with tall towers connected by wires.

Today is being the third breezy day in a row at my location on the planet.

When the wind blows I hear wind chimes disturbing the peace and quiet. At times this can be a really loud cacophony to which I have a strong aversion.

In civilized areas of America wind chimes are restricted, with rules, such as one can not make noise with a wind chime unless one is a minimum of 300 feet distant from the next abode.

I believe wind chimes are restricted in all the west coast states.

When I mentioned my wind chime issue to my sister who lives in Chandler, Arizona, her quizzical query was "They allow wind chimes there?"

That wind chimes are allowed to make noise, unfettered, here in Texas, is perplexing, when most of the civilized word considers wind chimes to be annoying sound pollution.

Speaking of annoying pollution.

I think I've mentioned my Trouble with Fubbo the Hut. Apparently Fubbo likes getting Bitch Slapped, because she keeps emailing me. Two more emails today, with the first one being amusing, with Fubbo apparently not realizing she'd sent me documentation that documents one of her recent lies. The second email tried to use another lie to explain away the first lie.

I would think one would opt out of lying if one figured out they really were not very good at that particular art form.

I may blog about Fubbo the Hut's latest, if I have the energy. I did promise to do a Bitch Slap whenever Fubbo emailed me, made a blog comment or lied about me. I do like to keep my promises, but I fear that Fubbo the Hut experiences this as getting much craved attention, which is a tendency in those with Histrionic Personality Disorder.

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