Monday, April 8, 2013

If Death Threats Did Not Scare Me I'd Go Again To The Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

Last weekend, in Waxahachie, the 2013 iteration of the Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival started up.

Looking at the official website I see "Faire" has been dropped from the name.

I don't know why "Faire" would be dropped from the festival's name. My one and only visit, back in 2002, Scarborough seemed to be both a fair and a festival.

I enjoyed my visit to this Texas oddity. I made a webpage on my Eyes on Texas website chronicling my take on what I experienced at Scarborough Faire.

When I made that webpage I thought it to be a rather positive description of what I'd experienced.

However, my description of what I'd experienced unleashed the biggest firestorm of angry commenting I'd ever unleashed. The firestorm spilled over into a Yahoo forum and other locations I'm not remembering, over a decade later.

There were so many comments I quit putting them on the original page and made a separate page for all the "Feedback" calling that page Scarbo Feedback.

Calling that page Scarbo Feedback caused even more angry feedback, accusing me of being disrespectful with my use of the word "Scarbo" when "Scarby" is the only official accepted nickname for Scarborough.

I had never experienced so much ado over so little ever before. The likes of which I did not again experience til years later when dealing with Fubbo the Hut's irrational idiotic tantrum spewing of too much ado over nothing.

I enjoyed my one and only visit to Scarborough Renaissance Festival. I probably would have made a return visit, but I found the death threats to be a bit intimidating.

This year's Scarborough Renaissance Festival runs every Saturday and Sunday from now until Memorial Day Weekend.

To enter Scarbo, I mean, Scarby, Age 13 and older is considered to be an Adult, with it costing $24 for an Adult admission. Even though Scarby considers a 13 year old to be an Adult, I am fairly certain 13 year olds are not allowed to consume Scarby adult beverages. Age 12 and under is considered to be a Child, with a $10 entry fee.

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