Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Wet Wednesday In Fort Worth Walking On Dirt Sidewalks

That is my windshield wiper keeping time with the music while it wipes rain from my windshield as I head east on John T. White Road this wet Wednesday in North Texas.

As of mid-afternoon I have heard no thunder booming. Rain continues to drip, off and on.

According to my computer based temperature monitoring device my location is being chilled to 39 degrees.

To go from the balmy 80s, to almost freezing, in less than 24 hours really does not seem normal to me. Two nights ago it was so hot and humid I almost got out of bed to turn on the A/C. Last night I re-installed the heavy winter blankets that I'd stored away, thinking winter was done for the year.

Changing the subject from the weather to one of my other favorite subjects.

A short distance ahead, in the view in the picture above, you come to John T. White Elementary School.

Note that dirt path on the south side of the road. That is what is known in Fort Worth as a sidewalk.

In the year 2013 Fort Worth is a town that still has dirt paths leading to some of its schools. This is just one of the things that makes Fort Worth unique and known around the planet as one of the Greatest Cities in the World...

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