Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Was An Angel Of Mercy Before I Walked Over Fort Worth's Fosdick Falls In Oakland Lake Park

Very early this morning, sometime around 4am, thunder boomed and rain poured down. This storm was of short duration, but of long enough duration that water fell in amounts sufficient to cause Fosdick Falls to still be roaring from water falling out of Fosdick Lake by the time I walked across Fosdick Dam, a short time before noon on this 3rd day of April.

Early April has brought a hint of a return of winter to my location in North Texas. As in the outer world at my location is currently being chilled to 47 degrees.

When I went swimming, this morning, the air was being chilled to 49 degrees. With the air chilled to 49 degrees the water in the pool was warmer than the air. Hence I had myself a real fine time in the pool this morning.

I suspect tomorrow morning's swim will have me back cycling between the hot tub and the pool due to the outer world being too cool for an extensive pool bout.

On my way to Oakland Lake Park I stopped at a Circle K to get gas. I talked to my mom yesterday, so I did not call my mom to tell her I got gas today.

An amusing incident occurred whilst I was getting gassed. Right after I swiped the debit card and entered the PIN I saw a generously sized, stylishly dressed, African American lady struggling with a big bag of stuff she'd bought at the Circle K. She opened the door of her cool looking car and got sort of pinned between the door and the bag.

I quickly zipped over to the lady and grabbed the bag. She did not see me coming, but was instantly relieved to find her struggle over. She looked at me and said, "Thank you Lord, you have sent me an Angel of Mercy."

What happened next is a little embarrassing to repeat. The lady looked at me, up close, and said, "Oh my God, you are so handsome. Just look at you. You're an angel."

More words were uttered about wanting to take me home or take my picture. The words were coming at me real fast, so I am a bit blurry remembering what was said.

Regarding the lady saying I was so handsome and an angel, I noticed that before she started her engine and drove away, she put on eyeglasses....


cd0103 said...

We received over an inch of rain last night here on Westside. It is raining hard now.

Durango said...

Miss Connie, it's raining hard right now on the Eastside, too.

Anonymous said...

I demand that you stop using that impostor's picture all over the place and start using authentic pictures of your angelically handsome self.