Monday, December 5, 2016

Dense December Fog After Night Of Christmas Lights Before Arctic Blast

This first Monday of December, by the time I took a picture out of my computer room window, the dense fog I saw when I first looked out a window, whilst making coffee this morning, had somewhat lifted, with the level of fog denseness no longer rendering it dangerous to float ones boat on the nearby inland sea known as Lake Wichita.

Last night when the sun ended its daily illumination I toured the Christmas light displays one starts touring near the east side of MSU (Midwestern State University).

To tour the lights for a short distance I followed a horse drawn light touring carriage. After that I followed one of the lights touring trams, and then a few blocks later I came upon a second lights touring tram.

I have no way of knowing if the art of Christmas displays has ratcheted up to new levels nationwide, or in Arlington's Interlochen. But what I do know is I have never seen homes with Christmas displays the likes of which I saw last night.


It has long been a mystery, to me, why anyone would go to such effort to put up such elaborate displays for such a short time frame.

I will return to the lights sometime before Christmas to photo and video document that which I saw last night.

But, before I do that this current Arctic Blast that is chilling North Texas needs to come to an end with the return of reasonable temperatures.

As you can see, above, by Thursday the outer world at my location is scheduled to be chilled to 18 degrees.

18 degrees is cold. Real cold.

I must go on an extensive search for my illusive long underwear today in preparation for the incoming Deep Freeze....

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