Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The First Wednesday Of November Brings A Big Chill To North Texas

Currently we are at the mid morning point, a bit past 10am on this first Wednesday of the 11th month of 2013.

At this point in time, at 49 degrees, the outer world at my location is being chilled seven degrees chillier than when I had myself a fairly fine time swimming this morning, with only one warming up retreat to the hot tub.

The air is being blown from a northwest direction with sufficient velocity to have the wind chill factor having the already chilly air really feel as if it is 41 degrees.


41 degrees is only nine degrees above freezing. I suspect I will need to find myself another blanket by the time I get horizontal tonight.

In a couple hours I think I will take myself on a walk around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park. The briskness will likely be even more refreshing than this morning's swim.

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