Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sundance Square Plaza Redundancy Along With Goofy Propaganda Puffery & Other Questions

Sundance Square Plaza Photo by Mr. & Mrs. Galtex
On the left you are looking at fountains spouting in the oddly named Sundance Square Plaza.

When I hear Sundance Square Plaza the word 'redundant' comes to mind.

Redundant and goofy.

There are reasons some well known downtown public spaces are not known as Times Square Plaza, Westlake Center Square, Pioneer Square Plaza, Trafalgar Square Plaza or Dealey Plaza Square.

Well, you get the point.

The newly opened downtown Fort Worth public plaza is featured on the cover of this week's Ink Edition, along with an article titled Hip to be Squared.

Before I got to the article I learned via the cover that the newly opened downtown Fort Worth plaza cost  $110 million. I don't remember funding for this project being voted on in any sort of bond election. So, I am curious, how was this $110 million financed? is a Fort Worth Star-Telegram production, hence the overblown Chamber of Commerce type propaganda puffery the Star-Telegram is known for, in this article.

Regarding the long standing mystery of there being no square in Sundance Square the Hip to be Squared article included these three paragraphs....

“We get the ‘Where is Sundance Square?’ questions. ‘How do I know I’m in this place that people are talking about?’” says Johnny Campbell, Sundance Square president and CEO. “So we ask them where they are. They say, ‘I’m at Third and Main.’ We say, ‘You’re standing right in the middle of it.’

That’s long been the mystery of Sundance Square. To paraphrase Gertrude Stein, “There is no square there.”

And yet, Sundance Square has become as emblematic of Fort Worth as the Stockyards. A magnet for retail, restaurants, entertainment and people-watching, Sundance Square is one of the main reasons Fort Worth is regularly recognized among the nation’s best downtowns.

Sundance Square has been as emblematic of Fort Worth as the Stockyards? Who, other than Fort Worth locals, has the slightest idea of what Sundance Square is? Did not the article just mention the fact that this non-existent square has long been a mystery?

This mysterious, non-existent square is one of the main reasons Fort Worth is regularly recognized among the nation's best downtowns?


Classic Fort Worth Star-Telegram propaganda.

Who is it that is regularly recognizing Fort Worth's as one of the nation's best downtowns?

No one I know, outside of Texas, knows anything about downtown Fort Worth. The only thing I ever have mentioned to me is people knowing of the Fort Worth Stockyards.

How many people would the Star-Telegram have to randomly call, outside of Texas, asking the persons called what the person knows about downtown Fort Worth before, finally, after a million or two phone calls someone says, "Well, Fort Worth is regularly recognized among the nation's best downtowns."

How many million people would the Star-Telegram have to randomly call, asking the person called if they know what Fort Worth's Sundance Square is, before the person called answered, "Well, that's that mysterious non-existent downtown square that has been perplexing visitors for decades."

Why must the Star-Telegram, in its various forms, always resort to this type nonsensical propaganda puffery?

There are plenty of reality based good things one can say about downtown Fort Worth. Instead of pretending that downtown Fort Worth is on the nation's radar screen, why not focus on why downtown Fort Worth is a national non-entity that is not on the nation's radar screen, rather than pretend that is it nationally known and recognized?

This type propaganda is very perplexing. And sort of embarrassing....


Steve A said...

Mostly, it was privately funded, unlike the disastrous Ocean Shores Convention Center. They got rid of those horribly ugly Sundance parking lots for far less than Moncrief and his minions paid to get one more Cabelas. See for more details. Betsy is DEFINITELY a big step up over Mike or the TRWD cabal.

Maybe I'll make it a point to go to something at Bass Hall before I depart Tarrant County for good!

Durango said...

Thanks for the link, Steve A. I sure agree about Betsy. She's been a big improvement for Fort Worth, even with her unholy alliance with the nefarious Kay Granger.

I think I remember seeing an Ocean Shores Convention Center, but know nothing about it, disastrous or otherwise.

Steve A said... Basically, what purports to be a "Tourist Town" is using property taxes to subsidize the tourism. What's the sense in using locals to subsidize visitors?

Anonymous said...

Steve asks the million dollar question. These locals spend their money outside of the square for that very reason.