Saturday, November 30, 2013

Finding Bliss & A New Tandy Hills Mystery Before Town Talking

 In the picture you are looking at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth. A zoomed view from the end of the View Street trail on the Tandy Hills.

Yesterday whilst walking about downtown Fort Worth I actually thought to myself that downtown Fort Worth actually is looking good.

Real good.

So much better than when my eyes first saw downtown Fort Worth, well over a decade ago. At that point in time I recollect being both a bit perplexed and a bit appalled.

If I remember right, part of the being perplexed thing was wondering what Sundance Square was. Or where it was. The appalled part came when someone told me that Sundance Square was all the downtown parking lots. That turned out not to be true,  though many thought it to be. And now that confusion has been sort of rectified by the goofily named Sundance Square Plaza.

I had myself a mighty fine time hiking the Tandy Hills today. I was almost overdressed in long pants and short sleeve t-shirt.

What Is That Standing On A Tandy Hill?
The past couple mornings I have had myself a little endorphin inducing via quick bouts in the cool pool followed by bouts in the hot tub.

Walking all over downtown Fort Worth yesterday was a bit aerobicizing, to the point where I did feel a little endorphin bliss.

Today's hill hiking had me totally in endorphin bliss mode. So much so that a feeling of contented happiness replaced my usual melancholy gloomy operating mood.

At one point I thought I saw a couple humans a couple hills to the west. I got out my camera and snapped a few photos of the rare Tandy Hills human sighting.

But, when I got the photos off my camera and on to my computer the humans no longer looked human, but instead looked like some sort of structure. Is this yet one more Tandy Hills mystery which warrants additional investigation? Possibly tomorrow? Methinks so.

Soon after spotting the faux humans I came upon the Tandy Natural Auditorium, with its comfortable benches. And so I sat down so as to enjoy my endorphin happiness bliss and the bucolic scene, before continuing on.

What with it being Saturday after finishing with the hill hiking I was off to Beach Street and Town Talk where I got myself come giant cracked pepper New York deli style wraps, something called bleu cheese brie, flame-broiled burgers, Alaskan pollock, Matzoh crackers and my usual supply of rabbit food of the salad making sort.

I am still feeling the endorphins, but the melancholy gloom should soon return, likely after lunch, which I need to consume right now.

UPDATE: Lunch caused me to remember the best thing I found at Town Talk today, two gallons of all natural apple cider. Best apple cider I've ever tasted. One dollar per gallon. Case of six for five bucks. On my next Town Talk visit if the cases of apple cider are still in the cooler, I will be getting one.

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