Sunday, November 3, 2013

An ALDI Stop Then A Walk & Talk With My Mom & The Village Creek Indian Ghosts

That is not crime scene tape you see surrounding the ALDI FOOD MARKET you are looking at in the picture.

That is construction tape.

Last summer, en route to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Area, I noticed a construction project starting up. A couple months after that a sign went up that indicated an ALDI was coming soon.

Two months ago I was in the Pantego ALDI and asked if the checkout  person knew when the Eastchase ALDI was opening. She told me they were aiming for an early December opening.

By how ALDI looked today, landscaping complete, workers inside on a Sunday, methinks it is an early November opening that will be happening.

Having an ALDI located between my abode and one of the locations I frequent, that being the location of my regular walk with the Indian ghosts who haunt their former home along Village Creek, will be very convenient.

I stopped to take the above picture of the soon to open ALDI and then continued on for the Indian ghost walk with my mom.

I had a nice walk and talk with my mom.

Changing the subject from my mom to my favorite subject. The weather.

The 24 hour temperature average was above 50 when I went swimming this morning. At that point in time the outer world air was being chilled to 46. I was able to have myself a mighty fine swim, albeit with two warming bouts in the hot tub.

Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow. Maybe by morning I will be able to go swimming in the rain. Likely not.

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