Friday, September 13, 2013

Wondering Who Has Viewed This Boring Blog A Million Times

A million page views? Plus 4. That sounds like a lot.

A million of anything sounds like a lot of whatever it is which is being counted.

I added the page view counter to this blog a couple years ago.

I assume the million page views accrued from that point in time, but I really did not notice what number was shown when I first added this particular Google blog gadget. For all I know it began the count back to the day I began this particular blog, back in 2007.

Anyway, I figured a million of anything was reason enough to make mention of. And so I have now made mention of it.....


Anonymous said...

What's your daily viewership count?

Anonymous said...

Cause....if your google counter, and my math, are correct, you average 450 views a day? Impressive.

Durango said...

Mr. or Ms. Anonymous, for a long time now the daily page view count has been over a thousand, at times several thousand times over a thousand. I'm thinking you must have divided a million by however many days this blog has existed to get the 450 number. This Saturday morning the page view count for today is over 600. I think as the number of blog posts increase in total the number of page views also increases. As of today there are 5,477 blog posts on this blog. I see that number and the word YIKES comes to mind. 5,477 posts is a lotta words.