Monday, September 16, 2013

Vertical Early Before Swimming With A Fosdick Lake Walk With Vines & Relleno Casserole

This morning, before 5am, I found myself vertical and drinking coffee, whilst staring at my computer screen, being a webpage altering maniac until the sun arrived.

With the arrival of the sun I decided to walk away from the computer screen to go swimming for an hour, give or take a minute or two.

After swimming I was back altering webpages.

So far I've altered a couple hundred, with several hundred to go.

By the time the noon hour approached I felt the need to walk away from my computer screen again.

So, I walked to my motorized vehicular transport and drove to Oakland Lake Park to walk around Fosdick Lake, where I saw the orange flower spouting vines you see in the picture.

I am not 100% certain, but I think these orange flower spouting vines are called trumpeter vines. I don't know why I think this. Perhaps renowned Fort Worth horticulturist, CatsPaw, can enlighten me.

The last time I walked around Fosdick Lake my mom walked with me. I should have walked with my mom again today, but I had other things on my mind and did not think to call mom.

Speaking of swimming. With the days getting noticeably shorter and the temperature getting noticeably colder the water in the pool has gotten significantly more refreshing in the past week or so, a definite harbinger of days to come when getting in the pool becomes more of a bracing experience.

This coming cold time of the year I am not being blessed with as well developed an insulative layer of adipose tissue as I was during last year's cold time of the year, so the cool pool is going to feel cooler to me, this coming cool time, unless I get into polar bear mode and layer on some fat.

I could begin that layering on the fat plan today with lunch by consuming too much of the relleno casserole I made earlier today. Eggs, chorizo, Hatch chiles, cilantro, onion, topped with a lot of extra sharp white cheddar  cheese.

It really is a wonderment why I am not more of a roly poly boy than I am.....

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CatsPaw said...

I only play a horticulturist when I am backed up by access to the renowned Google. You are correct, 'rango, that is a trumpet vine which is also known by some as "cow itch vine." For that reason, I hope you did not bury your snout in one of those flowers.