Saturday, May 11, 2013

With The Polls Closed BNK Takes An Early TRWD Board Election Lead

It is sort of too early to be too sure that a revolution is taking place in the Fort Worth zone tonight, but, early voting results have the BNK slate being the top vote getters in the TRWD Board race, with Mary Kelleher in the lead, John Basham in second and Timothy Nold in third.

I learned of the current results via Bud Kennedy, on Facebook, at the exact same time that I was being told not to blog about where the BNK election results party was taking place.

A short time after that I got another call, telling me that the nefarious Bud Kennedy had cracked the BNK election results party code and had arrived at that location.

And now I am being told that I need to be there. To make that happen would take an awful lot of effort...


cd0103 said...

You should go!

Durango said...

cd---you're closer, you should go. It's across from Montgomery Plaza at that place that used to be 7th Street something or other, with the rooftop patio. If only one could park in the humongous Target parking lot without getting towed, I might consider it. But, parking is a HUGE pain in that zone. And on a Saturday night?