Thursday, May 30, 2013

Walking With Indian Ghosts, Bobcats & Ticks To The Village Creek Green Bayou

Very early this morning I had myself a very refreshing long swim in a not too cool pool.

In the noon time frame I had myself a not too cool walk with the Indian Ghosts who haunt Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Not too cool, as in the hot and humid type of not too cool.

The Village Creek Blue Bayou  has turned into the Village Creek Green Bayou, as you can see in the picture, all green, no blue, not even in the sky.

As I was walking across the Village Creek Dam Bridge, on my way to the Green Bayou, I met two guys carrying fishing gear. I asked if they'd caught a lot of fish. One of the guys then told me that they did not even get a line in the water, because before that could happen they found that they were getting ticked off by ticks.

I got ticked off by a tick, years ago, camping somewhere near Mount Baker, the precise location lost to my failing memory. That particular tick ticked me in an extremely sensitive area. The pain was intense, so intense I dropped my drawers without warning to my fellow campers.

One of my fellow campers had tick experience. Or so she claimed. Next thing I knew a lit match was heating the tick to tick it off enough that it would release its grip. This worked. Relief was instant.  I quickly re-installed my dropped drawers.

The two guys I met today who got ticked off enough by ticks that they decided not to cast their lines, must have caught the ticks before they struck, I assume, because the two guys did not evidence being in any recent pain.

The stray dog that was living near the VCNHA parking lot was gone today. Once again, near that location, a large bobcat crossed the trail ahead of me. I think the stray dog was too big to have found itself bobcat food. At least I hope that's the case.

Last night's storm knocked out power at my location for an hour or so. The power came back on right about the time the sun set for the evening.  Power goes out way too often at my location. Rarely does it go out across the street, where Albertsons and other stores are.

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DFW Tickaphobe said...

I suggest you not go fishing, Durango. Nobody wants to be any part of a drawer dropping tick escapade.