Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TRWD Super Hero Captain Clean Attacked By Anonymous TRWD Super Villain

Last night the following blog post comment showed up....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Why Is Captain Clean So Mad At The TRWD Board One Can Not Help But Wonder?": 

Claims made by Captain Clean are based on 10-15 year old data. They have also failed to provide their plan for solving water quantity/quality issues. I'm always leary of group campaigns. These guys are just not passing the smell test.

To what Captain Clean outdated data claims is this Anonymous Villain referring?

The Captain Clean campaign mailer to which the Anonymous Villain refers contains no informational data.

In this mailer the main thing that Captain Clean is mad about is the fact that the TRWD Board spent money on a helicopter to facilitate flying to a private deer hunting preserve.

Does the TRWD Board no longer have this luxury helicopter? Was it 10-15 years ago the TRWD whirlybirded to do some deer hunting?

In this mailer Captain Clean is also mad about how polluted the Trinity River is.

Regarding the polluted Trinity River Captain Clean has previously said, "WFAA News recently reported that four out of five testing sites along the river in Fort Worth had dangerously high levels of E.Coli bacteria (from fecal matter) present; well above what the E.P.A. recommends as acceptable."

The Anonymous Villain is "leary" of group campaigns? Since "leary" is not a word I'm not certain what point the Anonymous Villain thinks he or she is making.

The "group campaign is not passing the smell test?"

The "group campaign" is failing to provide a plan for solving water quantity/quality issues?

Perhaps the Anonymous Villain neglected to check out the BNK Flush the TRWD website, where the Anonymous Villain might learn something about the current TRWD Record, based on current reality, not reality from 10-15 years ago...

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Timothy Nold said...

Well who is the anonymous going to vote for as Henderson, Sparks and Stevens just sent out a group mailer on Monday? I have posted on's forum some information about what we would do. It is not the purview of the board to operate the water system and design the improvements, it is the board's job to provide direction and leadership in an ethical and honest way to the benefit of all district residents, not just friends and political allies.