Monday, May 6, 2013

Today Mary Kelleher Yelled At Me Before I Voted For Her & Blogged About Why She Needs To Be On The TRWD Board

Mary Kelleher Making Sure I Voted For Her
A couple hours ago I blogged that I met a local political celebrity on my way to vote for Basham, Nold & Kelleher for the Tarrant Regional Water Board.

I arrived at my early voting Handley Community Center polling place to see a lot of signs and a lady standing by a pickup.

I got out of my motorized transport to soon find the lady yelling at me something about BNK.

Then I shouted the question are you B, N or K? Whilst knowing it could not be B or N. The lady hollered back that she was K.

So, I walked over and introduced myself to Mary Kelleher.

The last couple days I've mentioned a time or two my disdain for the smear tactics of the Water Board Incumbents' campaign, casting aspersions on the motives of those running to unseat 3 Water Boarders.

Mary Kelleher's motive?

“In my personal struggles with flooding, I had a lot of trouble getting anybody to help me. It seemed that the real public, people like myself, were under-represented. I want to be in a position where I can make some change.”

Mary and her neighbors have experienced flooding ever since a natural gas pipeline and a gas well site access road were constructed and started damming up floodwater on to her property.

Mary and her neighbors acknowledge that some flooding has always occurred  at their location in the Trinity River flood plain.

However, the flooding became much worse and occurred much more frequently after the pipeline and access road altered the landscape.

Mary turned to governmental agencies for help. To no avail.

Being a political neophyte Mary Kelleher did not realize that in Texas many government agencies responsible for protecting the public have been co-opted and corrupted by various entities, like Barnett Shale Natural Gas Drillers.

I don't know at what point in time Mary Kelleher realized the foxes had been put in charge of the henhouses, but when that  point in time came, Mary Kelleher decided she was going to do what she could to get some of those foxes out of the henhouses.

Hence, Mary Kelleher's motivation to seek a seat on the Tarrant Regional Water District Board where she can be the type advocate she was unable to find when she found her property being flooded, over and over again.

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