Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Corrupt Crony Club Has Had Its Collective Dumb Thumb On Fort Worth & Its Environs For Way Too Long.

I am a bit perplexed as to what to make of the results of the Tarrant Regional Water District  Board election.

Mary Kelleher, of the Basham, Nold, Kelleher slate, was the top voter getter, and thus is now on the TRWD Board.

If it was the TRWD Incumbents' misleading propaganda and slander that led voters not to vote for Basham and Nold, why did Mary Kelleher come out on top?

Basham was the one of the BNKers who was the target of much of the "Dallas" themed propaganda, suggesting, to the easily suggested to, that Basham was somehow in an evil conspiracy with "rogue" Dallas businessmen to steal water from Fort Worth.

The TRWD co-conspirator in corrupt cronyism, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, pretty much mirrored the TRWD smears in its articles. Or joined in the out and out lying.

Such as the following paragraph in a Star-Telegram article in today's edition, about Saturday's election...

Allies of U.S. Rep Kay Granger (R-Fort Worth) kept a board majority but lost one seat to a Dallas-funded slate of Tea Party libertarians opposed to the board’s use of eminent domain, both in Fort Worth and for a proposed shared Dallas-Fort Worth water pipeline through wealthy landowners’ ranches in East Texas.

Again with the "Dallas-funded slate." Again with the "Tea Party" dig. And for the first time adding "libertarians" to the description.

And this "Dallas-funded slate" was running because of the board's misuse of eminent domain? Yeah, that was their only reason they wanted to get on the TRWD Board.

Yet, somehow, non libertarian, non Dallas-funded, non Tea Partier, non critic of eminent domain abuse, member of the "Dallas-funded slate of Tea Party libertarians," Mary Kelleher, was the top vote getter.

I love how the Star-Telegram characterizes this election as being between the allies of Kay Granger and, what, the axis of evil that opposes Kay Granger and her corrupt crony club? With that corrupt crony club being the network of good ol' boys and girls in sensible shoes who feel entitled to operate in Fort Worth like it is somehow their little private fiefdom?

Well, in addition to Mary Kelleher of BNK being the top vote getter there are other interesting things this election brought about.

One interesting thing is many different voices verbalizing disgust with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram due to it operating not as a town's newspaper of record, but instead acting as the mouthpiece of the corrupt crony club of good ol' boys and girls in sensible shoes.

Another interesting thing is this election brought about something that should have happened a long time ago, as in journalists from outside of Fort Worth and Tarrant County reporting on the dealings of the corrupt crony club of good ol' boys and girls in sensible shoes.

So, why was Mary Kelleher the top vote getter? Even though she was part of the nefarious scheme of rogue Dallas businessmen to steal Fort Worth Water and put an end to progress?

I think 8,941 voters knew Mary Kelleher's story. That being that her ranch started getting flooded after Barnett Shale Natural Gas operations moved into her neighborhood, with the attendant physical alterations to the landscape causing Mary's ranch to flood.

When Mary Kelleher turned to the government agencies who look after things like flood control, she had the same rude awakening that has shocked others into becoming activists, that being that the government agencies who Mary thought were supposed to be looking out for the public good, were instead looking out for the interests of those who do the damage.

I think when the next election comes up, a couple other candidates of the Mary Kelleher quality level should be found and convinced to run.

If  Don Young wasn't moving to Marfa to escape all that is disgusting about Fort Worth, I suspect he could easily win a seat on the TRWD Board.

And then there's that lady from Haltom City, I think her name is Lola Castaway, or something like that, who was in the news a lot when her house was almost wiped out by a flash flood, who then, like Mary Kelleher, found out that government agencies she thought would help, were of no help.

I think Lola Castaway could, like Don Young, easily win a seat on the TRWD Board. Trouble is, Lola lives in Haltom City. Haltom City is outside the privileged area that is allowed to vote in a TRWD election, or run for the TRWD Board.

Methinks that the Clyde Picht/John Basham magic piece of Fort Worth land should now be turned over to Lola Castaway, to qualify Lola to run for the TRWD Board, so she can get elected to join Mary Kelleher in the fight to end the shady dealings of the corrupt crony club of good ol' boys and girls in sensible shoes who have had their collective dumb thumb on Fort Worth and its environs for way too long.


Anonymous said...

If Don Young ran it would have Marty Leonard clutching her pearls while declaring him unfit to be on her board because he needs a haircut.

Anonymous said...

B-N-K garnered 22,837 votes.

Stevens, Henderson, and Sparks also pulled in 22,837 votes.


The Queso Kid or Spuds McKennedy is lashing out at regular folks again while kissing up to the privileged elite. That's what he do.

I never claimed to make any sense.