Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I Am Happy To Be A Rollerblading Fort Worth Blogger Making Reference To Incumbent Cockroaches

After lunch I woke up my computer to learn, via blog comments and emails, that I have become a "rollerblading Fort Worth blogger who makes references to cockroaches."

It is in an article in The Dallas Observer titled A Tarrant County Water Fight Descends into the Slop with the Help of a Dallas Hotel Magnate that I have been identified as being a rollerblading Fort Worth blogger.

I do still have rollerblades. I think.

My rollerblades may have been stolen back in October of 2010 when my bike was stolen. I do not recollect checking to make sure the rollerblades had not gone missing.

I gave up rollerblading at some point in time between 2006 and 2008, if I remember right.

I had a horrific fall that left me banged up on one arm, with my left buttock badly bloodied and bruised. Recovery was complete, with no scarring. Thank you for your concern.

Why am I not the mountain biking Fort Worth blogger? Or the hiking Fort Worth blogger? Or the cranky Fort Worth blogger? I still engage in those activities.

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