Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Thank You Has Me Wondering Who Is Overseeing The Impartiality And Accountability Of Marty Leonard

This morning, in my mailbox, I found a note from Fort Worth's favorite Pearls Clutching Dowager Heiress, Marty Leonard, thanking me for helping re-elect Vic Henderson and Jack Stevens to the Tarrant Regional Water District Board.

Apparently Marty Leonard feels that these are honorable and experienced men whose election will bring about a continuing focus on water supply for Tarrant County.

Marty Leonard also let me know that my vote made a difference.

I guess it did.

Because I did not vote for Marty Leonard's honorable men, I voted for the honorable, experienced Mary Kelleher, who got the most votes in the recent election.

I wonder why Marty Leonard made no mention of her new fellow board member?

Did Marty Leonard pay for this 'Thank You" note with her own funds? If not, whose?

I have not heard how the recount of the vote that re-elected the honorable and experienced Henderson and Stevens is going.

Marty Leonard is overseeing the impartiality and accountability of the recount for the TRWD Board.

Who is overseeing the impartiality and accountability of Marty Leonard I can not help but wonder?


Anonymous said...

Durango Texas,

You did not read very carefully, "Pol Adv by Marty Leonard" means she paid for the cards herself.

Also, the Pearl Clutching Dowager Heiress is not overseeing and has nothing to do with the recount.

Durango said...

"Pol Adv by Marty Leonard" would seem to only indicate she authored the Adv. If it said "Pol Adv Paid for by Marty Leonard" that would clearly indicate she used her own funds.

I was told be a fairly reliable source that Marty Leonard was going to be the TRWD Board's participant in the recount.

Anonymous said...

Better check the reliability of your sources before you comment.