Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Millions Worldwide Annoyed Because Facebook Scrabble Is Not Working

Facebook's Scrabble is causing an International Upset as Scrabble Addicts World-wide are unable to get their fix for the past couple days due to a Facebook Scrabble malfunction.

Getting beat regularly by the Scrabble Queens of Washington and California is just about the only mental stimulation I get on a daily basis.

So, with Facebook Scrabble not working I am current not mentally stimulated.

On the Facebook Scrabble page there is a link to a Scrabble Forum. That is where I learned people all over the world are not happy right now, due to their Scrabble withdrawal pains.

One person came up with the bizarre conspiracy theory that Mark Zuckerberg, he being Facebook's inventor, shut down Scrabble after being miffed that Social Network, the movie based on Facebook, did not when the Best Picture Oscar at Sunday's Academy Awards.

To me this seems a rather far fetched conspiracy theory. Though there are those who have made note of the supposed fact that Scrabble went down very quickly after Social Network did.

If Facebook Scrabble does not resume working today I am going to need to find something else to stimulate me mentally.


Anonymous said...

I am so angry because Icannot play Scrabble and have been unable to play it for a few days. I had better not have been force forfeited on amy game or I will go nuts HURRY UP AND FIX IT

Anonymous said...

Scrabble sure doesn't mind brain washing us with 5 second commercials between each play...but, ask them to fix scrabble? How hard can that be. Maybe they should ask Bill Gates how to do it...correctly!

Anonymous said...

Glad to note that it is not only me who is finding it difficult to play Scrabble Worldwide. Soooo frustrating and annoying. Come on guys you have many people waiting for you to fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

I have outages that last for days. I have 20 games going, and I get a lot of nudges to play my turn. Considering how long these problems have been going on, it does seem to be a situation of not allocating appropriate resources to the issues.

Anonymous said...

I ave 20 players at the moment who are playing this new scrabble..out of all only 4 plays regularly.where in my old scrabble ,I used to have 40 games nd felt like starting more..

Anonymous said...

Are you guys really concerned about our happiness? You are not!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I love playing Scrabble, but my partners just disappear sometimes.
Yesterday I got a nudge from one of my partners who disappeared, but he didn't come up on my screen.