Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looking At The Forlorn Skyline Of Dull Downtown Fort Worth While Thinking About How To Compile The MHMR-Gate Scandal

In the picture we are on the Tandy Hills looking west at the forlorn skyline of the dull downtown of Fort Worth, Texas.

As you can see, today at noon, the forlorn skyline of dull downtown Fort Worth is under a gray, hazy sky. It has brightened up a bit since noon.

Usually I describe this view as looking at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth.

Then a couple days ago, someone asked me if I really think the Fort Worth had a beautiful downtown with a stunning skyline.

Or was I being sarcastic?

I thought the sarcasm was obvious, but I guess I need to start using my sarcasm font when the sarcasm is not sarcastic enough for easy discernment.

The Tandy Hills hiking was nice today. Not too hot, not too cold.

Despite yesterday saying I wouldn't, this morning I braved the 8 degrees of freezing temperature and went swimming. Just like yesterday, due to the air being way colder than the water it made it almost seem like a heated pool.

Change of subject to the MHMR-Gate Scandal.

A "Sick-n-Tired Employee," of the Paradise Center or of MHMR asked me....

Mr. Durango,

Could we suggest that you, if feasible, combine all the various postings and comments about this foul smelling scandal in one section or something like that so that we and the public could examine more closely this major scandal?

Well, this is a blog, I don't really have the ability to arrange the blog postings. It doesn't work like a website. I suppose I could webpage the various bloggings and postings. But that would take some time to do. I'll think about it.


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I was under the impression that you always do what you're told to do?

Durango said...

It'd be more accurate to say I always do what I'm asked to do.

I don't take well to being told what to do.

Hummer said...

You would not succeed as an employee of Tarrant County MHMR under the current regime then, Durango. Especially if you have a working moral compass and stand for principles rather than principal$.

Friends working for MHMR say that the case workers are under pressure to help put down the Paradise Center resistance leaders, like calling them at home and telling them they could get taken to jail if they keep protesting...so they best return and work under the new people who took over the community center to make sure this and other bad things don't happen to them.

The caseworkers and other staff are also to "help" the clients change their Medicaid HMO provider from Amerigroup to guess who. BRAVO. Guess when? Starting March 17.

Then when all these information finally had sunk in, guess what we said? Hmmm, this smells like rat, looks like a rat, and sure scurries like a rat.

Durango said...

Hummer, bummer, there's likely gonna be a new blog in town tomorrow.

Durango said...

Actually that new blog thing is happening tonight.

Go here for a better place for the Paradise MHMR-Gate Scandal commenting discussion...


Sick-n-Tired said...

Yeah, Mr. Durangotexas. You're the man. If anyone can do it, we figured it would be you. Thank you for making the effort.

Three cheers for Mr. TEXAS.

McDermott and his phony cronies will have a lot to read. And worry about now.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I stand corrected! Great blog and an absolutely fantastic outlet for the rants and raves!