Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fort Worth's Paradise Center Scandal Now Has A Blog

My bloggings about  Fort Worth's Paradise Center Scandal have generated a lot of comments.

The comments from the shills of MHMR, and its CEO Jim McDermott, have been mean-spirited, slanderous, inarticulate and at times sort of nasty.

Which is what thuggish bullycrats do.

Just this morning I hit the publish button on a comment from a little girl named Elizabeth. Elizabeth was responding to how the MHMR thuggish bullycrats had characterized little Elizabeth in one of the comments.

You can read Elizabeth's comment and the original blogging that generated it by going to "The Paradise Center Scandal Has Me Mad As Hell At Fort Worth" blogging on this blog.

Or you can go to the new Paradise Center Scandal Blog/Website where some of the explanatory scandal bloggings have been replicated, along with the original comments.

I have reason to believe some interesting developments lay ahead in the Paradise Center Scandal.


Anonymous said...

There's some fishy stuff going on inside the MHMR Human Resources Dept. I'm not in it but work in the same area and know staff in that dept. For one, they are going all out to destroy that Teresa lady and her family. Some hinted about cooking her personnel file to make her look very bad. And even twisting facts to fight and keep her from getting unemployment to feed her family.

The CEO, Trustees, and lawyer and other execs are all in this shame-full ploy. I wish they all would just leave cuz this agency would be a lot cleaner and more open and honest with the public and the employees.

Anonymous said...

That stupid woman should know that to offend the CEO is to pay a steep price.

Watch her use a food stamp card soon. She can really go boo-hoo now.

This powerful man and his team will make sure she'll be as dirt poor as those nuts she cares so much about.

Paying attention, current MHMR-TC employees reading this blog as the result of the so called update from that pathetic woman today?

You better!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Teresa and her few little followers.......When MHMRTC agreed to help they were not making a LIFETIME commitment. From the very beginning it sounds like your Center kinda of had a payee called MHMRTC. Alot of prograns are on the City, County and State levels being cut ! Yours was cut so it looks like you are kinda like the many Teachers who got pink slips. Sounds like your inability to handle this you could benefit from COUNSELING yourself. You sound grandiose and you are obsessing about this ! Sounds like your not wanting to face the reality you and your Paradise Center was terminated and you need to move on. Services are no longer needed due to budget cuts, etc. Your fat lady who should have sang for you is in the hospital with blood clots in her lungs. So looks like Dale and Serena will have to hum a few bars for you. Hahaha !

Anonymous said...

Does not sound like her having a College education bas help much. Listening to her you would never know she has two degrees. All we can do is laugh with her since she is the fat lady left to sing alone. Hurray ! McDermott

Scandal Madness Fan said...

Wow, the lack of civility and decency shown by the commenters against (the "cons") this Teresa lady and her small but brave group of people leaves me and my family wondering what has happended to these cons to make them so hateful.

Practically kicking and spitting on people who are "down" --from what appears to be some improper HR decisions and from the fact that these people just happen to have the misfortunate of inheriting genes for life altering brain diseases.

Those commenters voicing opinions in favor of (the "pros")these courageous people seem to have more serious questions that need answering than spitting out vile and often immature attacks.

The cons sure act like the're trying to hide some bad things they're guilty of, while the pros act like concerned citizens trying to sort out the truth from all the mena-spirited and distracting attacks.

We think the "Pros" are winning this discussion/debate in the court-of-public-opinion and that unless something substantial can be produced soon by the other side, the "Cons" will go wherever based on their culpability, including the big house, maybe, because they sure are acting like they've been caught BIG TIME.

While their "arguments" lack substance and factual support, we give the Cons credit for naming names and for "knowing who they're talking about/against".

Thanks for providing the facts, opportunities, and the forum, Durango. The local newspaper used to do this some years ago, we recall.

P.S. the specificity of names, actions, and situations spouted by the Cons would indicate that they are "thick as thieves" with the MHMR people and are getting money from MHMR of Tarrant County, either as salaries or grants. or they have super natural powers to know so much specific details.

J. Moore said...

Hey ignorant MHMR shill who might, uh, inhaled too much and too long,

MHMR and everythinmg in its name belong to "We the People" who pay the taxes that fund their annual budgets. We the People never gave the little ceo and his pack the authority and the money to be abused and hurt people.

And to use your one and only clear headed thought; We the People did not give these cowardly bullycrats a LIFETIME commitment of money or authority.

If they don't come out of hiding soon, we the taxpayers and voters will make their lives the opposite of Paradise. You might get it once you sober up.

The disgrace and humiliation resulting from exposure of corrupted morals and professional ethics will include those lap dogs of the little ceo and his "gals".

Which group of them are you Foggy-headed Con Artist (you get credit for making things up, at least)?

Anonymous said...

this is for the lowlife who has been posting very mean and very personal attacks toward the Paradise center team of peer leaders and their families and friends. God can see you he sees everything he sees each mean and hurtful word you type about paradise center and about Teresa Davis. don't you have anything better to do with your time? the comments you have stated about some of the peer leaders of paradise center inc are outrageous here is an example for your sick twisted butt- you made a comment about a fat lady having blood clots in her lungs you did not mention her name whats the matter you afraid she will find out who you are? well i happen to know this lady and yes she did have blood clots in her lungs and only a handful of people close to her knew this if i were her i would do everything in my power to find out who is saying these awful things about me and my family and friends and i would dedicate every minute of my free time to making your life one living hell. it is against the law to disclose private health information about an individual without their consent. just remember what i said earlier God is watching you so you better watch it.

Anonymous said...

The lady with blood clots could have lost her life. Why in the world would anyone say anything negative about her? Did your Mom ever tell you that you should say nothing if you can not say something nice. Why all the fat talk? Nothing better to say? I think she knows where this comment came from as there seems to be one person that has a focus on fat! Shame she doesn't see the good in a person, only the body size. Shame. I suggest she not use client names anymore or client rights officer will be contacted. LINDA G. Go ahead and attack, I am sure some of you will. I have a full length mirror so I am aware of my fat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone missed the point as I read the bloggings a reference was made by Teresa Davis and four peers that it wasn't over until the fat lady sang. And they were laughing. So in essence they started it.

Anonymous said...

I was watching the news the other night and funds were being raised for a small child who needed heart surgery for a hole in her heart. I do wish instead of waiting around for some peer to win the lottery that a group of individuals would help the parents start raising funds. This would probably be considered news worthy for tv news media and various newspapers. Maybe Durango could set up a blog on it with pay pal for Elizabeths surgery donations. Maybe Broadway Baptist Church could help get it started.

TruthSeeker said...

Good try, Con commenter on 03/21 at 3:35 p.m. Who's waiting around for a lottery win? Again twisting the plain facts for your twisted purpose. Or simply poor literacy skills.

Being the generous and compassion person that you are, how much are you willing to donate to such a fund as you had suggested? I'll match it dollar for dollar.

Back to the real issues: A. Why was Theresa Davis fired so suddenly and treated so shabbily?

B. What right, legal or moral, does CEO Jim McDermott and MHMR of Tarrant County have for invading the sanctity of a separate nonprofit organization like they did paradise Center?

C. What is it going to take for Deputy CEO Susan Garnett and MHMR of Tarrant County to keep their contractual agreement to provide the grant for Paradise Center Inc.?
Or more accurately, how much of the scarce tax dollars is she and her colleagues Sonja Gaines and Donna Massey willing to waste on legal fees and judgments to repair this breach of contract?

The kindergarten level comment from the other Con-shill doesn't even warrant a response out of pity and humanitarian considerations. No thanks necessary.

Mad Taxpayer said...

Just when you think they can't sink any lower, they still find a way. Absolutely mindboggling.

Attacking a gravely ill woman is beneath contempt. I don't know her and it matters little who she is, but common decency would dictate that ...well, it's too late for teaching something that should have been learned by the time one's potty trained.

I echo the other taxpaying citizens' questions: what terrible thing did Ms. Davis do to warrant such a swift and devastating action by ceo Jim McDermott and his HR Chief Donna Massey? It's not YOUR own little private company to do as you wish, so we demand to know an answer..preferably one's that clear, coherent, and legally and factually sound.

How is ceo Jim McDermott and his MH Chief Sonja Gaines going to pay for the breach of contract and related damages? From their own pockets? OR from our damn hard earned taxes? WHICH method?

BTW, I can do a search and figure who's responsible for what part of this scandal. No need to suspect any leaks from one of your many unhappy and untrusting MHMR-TC employees.

And if the reports is true about your wasting more tax dollars (using your high salaried work hours) in pursuit of your cruel and despicable vegeance on that woman and her family, there will be hell and more to pay, your cowardly bullycrats (you could be called worse, you know).

Anonymous said...

The comment about a peer trying to win the lottery for Elizabeth surgery was in Elizabeth blog on Durango blog site.

My funds would not be a match for the Funding of people of broadway and various millionaires in the great City of Fort Worth. Has anyone thought to check if there would be some surgeons are hospitals that might be willing to donate their services for free?

TruthSpeaker said...

To the generous commenter, don't underestimate the power and the force for good that individuals can make. Just read some inspirational words in this site.

I didn't get the sense that the little girl's parents were waiting around for the lottery to take care of that seemingly active child. Some heart conditions do not require immediate intervention but can be repaired within a certain time frame.

The touching point of her anecdote was the sense of shared acceptance and family-ness that Paradise Center had produced. And thanks to CEO Jim McDermott and his minions heart-less actions, those healthy and life enriching qualities were cruelty stripped from hundreds of people.

Broadway B.C. and other traditional pillars of our community know about this injustice and tragedy, but like NAMI they choose to "do nothing" and let evil prevail. It's just like it was with Jesus and other cases in the Bible and human history.

ESL Teacher said...

To the proud Fifth Grade graduates, what exactly does a person who had earned two masters degrees sound like? Explain.

For obvious reasons, you mainly use your auditory sense to judge a person's level of education and intelligence. This would explain your inability to read Ms. Davis' blog posting in the Paradse Center Scandal blog.

It does require at least an eigth grade education to really understand and appreciate its message. Keep LISTENING because you can still learn something, but in this age of internet and digital communication it would be helpful to have better literacy skills.

I'm just trying to help.

Anonymous said...

The Drop In Center has alot of new furniture thanks to MHMRTC. My understanding Mr. McDermott gave Paradise Center one month to get their belongings out of the Storage Container on their lot. Sounds like Paradise Center cannot even do the simple task of putting their own items in storage. Your items were not very good items. Alot of things were pretty trashy.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the blogging dated March 22, 2011 8:45PM sounds like you are "saying" the same things that show your lack of intelligence and inability to talk to people respectfully. Just because a person does not agree with you or Teresa Davis blogging it does not mean they have 8th grade intelligence. You are just as critical of people as all of rest mean spirited people. Get a life !

Thief Watcher said...

Hey the ONE MHMR CON posting the two most recent comments, having trouble sleeping to be awake so late? We understand why, knowing the position you're in at this point.

So did your ruler Mr. McDermott pay for all the nice furniture out of his own pocket? Or from yours since you've obviously gotten to smell and feel what the royalties inside Hulen Tower enjoy normally?

Or was it our hard earned tax dollars that this serial abuser used to buy such nice things?

You know the saying, you gotta spend money to make money. But in McDermott'$ world it's : you gotta steal to make even more money. Bravo for you, McDermott'$ slave.

Regarding the stolen properties, you ever wonder why your masters are so worried? ??

Try to get some sleep tonight. Lack of sleep is not good for your physical nor your mental health. Just ask the girly man and his gals.

Forrest, Forrest Gump said...

Momma used to say, trashy is as trashy does, MHMR-TC cons.

Anonymous said...

The rest of us already have a life, MHMR Con. It's an even better life with education beyond eighth grade.

Friends who used to work with MHMR-TC management and executived marvel at the lower level of general competency relative to those same positions in the private sectors. Case on point is the email by the top executive and the bullying tactics used, which intelligence and honesty could have avoided the scandal but still get the desired result/s.

If y'all were on the TV show "The Apprentice", old Donald Trump would have excoriated you tails before he says "You're Fired! Her the hell outta here. All of you". Something you and your colleagues will hear pretty soon based on what's been revealed about your bungled "project".

Sorry if your feelings get hurt, but the truth often hurts.

MHMR Con-buster said...

Come, come, MHMR con artists. While your "creative" takse on the facts and the truth are Hollywood quality, they do not pass the logical standards for "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?".

Since Paradise Center was "an MHMR program",WHO was ultimately responsible for putting the clients in such a filthy place with such "trashy things"? 5th grade logic, Con artist. Try this level of logic sometime, but only if you dare.

You are welcome, because WE TAXPAYERS helped pay for any and all the so called new and shiny (you get dazed by shiny things, huh?) furnishings. Now if you can show FACTUAL evidence that little jimmy boy paid for any and all of those from HIS own money , then you can make the claim. Or else, it's a deliberate lie. Or the babbling of a servant with 4th grade reasoning skills.

You know, having things delivered is (a) a very costly, inefficient (financially), and very institutionalized, as in nursing homes or psych wards; (b) a reflection that the people paid run the place cannot do the job...not even as well as the people with mental illness who are the leaders of Paradise Center--the independent consumer-run nonprofit organization did when they operated their little community center.

Indeed, this wastefull and institutionalized way of just getting supplies is apparently freeing up your time to troll the scandal blog and post assinine and deceptive comments.

Do you dress like Nurse Rachette, too? "Medicine Time. Everyone line up like good MHMR mental patients".

BTW, don't forget to take yours. You seem to need them. Just wanting to help.

And oh yes, God bless you as well.

7th grader said...

BTW MHMR Con, thank you for reporting that you and your Jimbo chain gang had pilfered other people's priavate properties. That will help the eyewitness statements, affidavits, pictures, etc.

The paradise Center PEOPLE are not the bondservants of lord jim and his harem. YOU ARE, So-o-o you and you crew get to do the dirty work fit for such lowly MHMR staffs. Fun, huh?

You can work SMART like those Paradise People, or work HARD like your gang has been ordered to do.

See why education and independent thinking and spirit are important...and that separates you MHMR Cons from the Paradise Center Pros.

Anonymous said...

My clients tell me yeah some new furnitures--FOR THE BRAVO people and their offices. But still using Paradise Center's old (trashy??) couches and other things.

They stay outside because they don't like the attitude of the new staff (after reading here, wonder why?) and the way they treat them like children or people with mental retardation. The NEW but cheap and TINY pool table doesn't get used much because these adults (with no retardation issues) find it too small and insulting to put in a kids sized pool table for ADULTS.

And yes the heat is getting to them. The high cost of items in the snack bar is forcing many to walk blocks to get something they can afford.

And Ben said "those mean new a$$$ fired me from my job". That's what consumer-run Paradise Center offered, a sense of dignity for even old Ben whose simple job of opening the front door was for him a meaningful volunteer job. The man used to be a success in the business field before his major illness and disabilities.

The ceo and his gals who destroyed so many lives need to pay for what they did.

Taxed to the Top said...

How come the comments from obvious MHMR employees are posted during the daytime hours? Are they being paid to monitor this and the Paradise Scandal blogs? Sickening to think that our tax payer dollars are going toward this. Most companies have strict internet access rules. What is MHMR's policy? Are they regulating what their employees are doing during work hours?

Anonymous said...

Taxed commenter, have you not paid attention? This is MHMR of Tarrant county. Under the reign of little emperor jimmy mcD and his gals.

Rules, of law and decency, do not seem to apply to them. If they even know what they are.

Anonymous said...

Currently the building is being freshly painted. New water fountain installed now. Other repairs made. Sofas were poorly made. MHMRTC is replacing with sofas that are built to wear better with lots of use. Regarding pool table it is a professional Brunswick. This does not have to be picked up on one end for the players to get the balls to roll down like the one at the old paradise center did. The new pool table is continually being used by clients and peer leaders. Pool Tournaments continue as before. Regarding Ben other people are opening the door. It is up to staff on his returning. It has been five weeks since the new Drop In Center started. And still Paradise Center cannot even get a storage for their own stuff. That does not say much for Paradise Center or there Board.

Anonymous said...

Was the comment on 04/01 supposed to be an April Fool's day joke or something? Either way, it was kinda funny to read. happy April, fools of mhmr.

Anonymous said...

No it was not a April Fool's joke. Adults I am around "act like Adults" amd we do not play childish April Fools jokes. We have better things to do with our "Time".

Yes, it is true that the new Drop In Center is Upgrading the old Paradise Center Building. Yes, Sam's Club is bringing supplies to us. With the cost of gasoline it is cost effective to have it delivered.

The "old couches" were heavily used and Steve (Teresa's Davis husband) had put stacks of boards under the middle of the couches which didn't help much, and definitely made them look "trashy".

New couches are ordered to replace the "junk". My understanding MHMRTC actually purchased those and that is why they are still there and not in storage.

MHMRTC is replacing them with couches that will hold up to alot of wear, that will hold up to people flopping down on them, and accommodate heavy clients as well.

The PROS brag alot, but, it has now been six weeks and Teresa Davis, her so called board, has accomplished very little.

Let's see you act like "grownups" and rent your own storage building, rent you a Uhaul and put your own "dumpsters best" items in storage.

guess who? said...

Thanks for the update, Tony. It looks like you're fitting in real well with the MHMR-TC cons. Your grammar is significantly better so that the Paradise folks and us concerned taxpayers could feel the intended insults and distortions of reality

Are you still sitting on MHMR-TC's so-called mental health community advisory committee? Is this attitude and behavior directed at some of the most vulnerable and disabled consumers consistent with your own position and the mission of that committee (I.e. advancing the best interests of MHMR consumers living in the MHMR-TC authority area)??

Very classy, just like Sonja and the gang.